September 7th, 2017


Annabelle - Creation

Last night I had dreams that completely warped my sense of reality. After I woke up with a start at ten o’clock in the morning, I had to settle my thoughts for a moment and then I realized that I wasn’t living next to a dead forest with magnificent lakes and I wasn’t wearing a dress made of pubic hair.

I was thinking of whether I should get up because I didn’t feel like having wacky dreams, but I still felt like sleeping.
I got up, took my morning medicine, ate the rest of yesterday’s hazelnut chocolate, and went back to bed.

I slept for two hours, then I got up, freshened up and put on some clothes and jewellery.

Later in the afternoon, my friend Suavecita came over, we were supposed to go see the movie Annabelle – Creation. She brought a four- pack of chocolate puddings and a can of cocoa.

We spent some time together, then she drove us to the movie theater. We still had plenty of time before the movie, so we visited a few shops; the movie theater was next to a shopping mall.
We visited BodyShop, I was thinking of buying one of those massage ball- thingies that you are supposed to use on your face.
Hennes & Mauritz was amazing as usual, but they didn’t have any clothes or jewellery that would suit me.
The stationery shop didn’t have any special notebooks. It’s amazing how different shops, despite being on the same chain, have different selections.

At the movie theater, there was some sort of happening where people were served free coffee. I got some, even if I wasn’t technically allowed, but then again, no one saw me do it and besides, it’s only democratic to share the refreshments. And besides, it made me feel good because I didn’t have any coffee today.

The movie was amazing and well done, but I didn’t like the jump scares. I might watch the first AnnabelleThe Conjuring movies as well, they belong in the same series.

After the movie, we went to this shop that sells party equipment, masks and costumes. I loved this dress that looked like a pirate queen’s dress, I might buy it later.
Suavecita went to a department store for some shopping, I accompanied her. After that, I travelled back to Hometown.

In the evening I went to the library to update my blogs on the computer, I still don’t have an Internet access.
I also went to the gym to walk on the treadmill for an hour, but I noticed that I forgot my smartphone at home; I cannot walk on the treadmill if I don’t have any distraction like Netflix or Spotify with me.

I went back home, and found my smartphone. I decided not to go back to the gym, I was too knackered.

I noticed that the Doctor Who DVDs I had borrowed from the library were supposed to be returned, but I hadn’t yet watched the “important” episodes. I watched the episode Bad Wolf and Parting of Ways, and I would have loved to watch Father’s Day but it caused me too much feels I could not handle.

I took my evening medicine before nine o’clock, because I was feeling a bit irritable and moody and I hoped it would calm me down. I went to bed without having a wash.

Tomorrow I am going to start doing the weekly housework. Also, my HoivaOnni worker will visit me at one o’clock in the afternoon; while she is visiting me, I will wash the dishes and iron the laundry.
After that, I need to run a couple of errands. Then I will go to a few museums, perhaps the national museum, modern art museum, and another museum downtown. And in the evening I will go to the gym to walk on the treadmill, and this time I will remember to take my smartphone along.