September 9th, 2017


My friends are amazing!

I woke up pretty early in the morning, but kept on sleeping. I had a dream where I was riding my bicycle near my parents’ home, it felt very realistic. In another dream I visited a strange house with some friendly people, there were lots of art installations and those small dispensers where you got keychains or candy or stuff like that. It made me think that I should have gotten up and went outside to have fun, instead of marinating in my own misery because I didn’t have any milk for my coffee, and I was running out of sugar as well.
I also had a dream where I cried after being bullied in school. It made me think about how everyone else at my school, both students and teachers, thought that I was just a stupid, silly, blubbering cry- baby, and no one else realized that I was depressed and suffering because of their actions.

My friend Elyseé called me and asked if I wanted to see her during the weekend, because she was coming over to Hometown to visit Pinky. I said I would love to, and after the call I was so happy that I managed to get up from the sofa- bed.

It was four o’clock in the afternoon. I took my morning medicine even if it wasn’t morning anymore, freshened up and put on my new dress.
It was raining outside, so I put on my mother’s old raincoat before heading outside.

I had a headache. I went to the supermarket and bought a Milky Way bar, and then I went for an urbane adventure; I travelled to Cross City, and then back to Hometown. I called Pinky on the way, she said I can come over but she didn’t have any milk or sugar, I volunteered myself to pop to the grocery shop to buy them.

Once at Hometown, I went to visit her and she gave me some change. I went to the nearest supermarket and bought a kilogram of sugar and a can of lactose- free milk that was in discount.
Once back at Pinky’s home, Elyseé was there as well. We had a good time drinking coffee, eating treats, talking and laughing and watching TV.

Later the day I had to go back home because it was getting late. Once there, I sent a text message to Pinky, telling her that I had arrived safely.

Tomorrow I will go to the gym because I didn’t go there today. I might also go visit Pearl House, and go to an art museum, and I also need to do housework.