September 11th, 2017


I have the flu again!

Last night I finally slept in my own bed, because I had managed to hoover both the bed and mattress and put fresh sheets into it.
I slept well, and had plenty of peculiar and colourful dreams.

After getting up in the morning, I managed to have a proper wash´; brush my teeth, wash my face, and put lotion on my skin.
I had decided to take care of my dental health by just brushing my teeth, and give up flossing, cleaning my tongue or using mouthwash because doing them all takes up lots of my spoons.

I put on a pink flowery dress, and had to put on a grey flowery hoodie because my pink hoodie was hung on the drying rack.
I also put on my little plastic mermaid necklace, and tiny stud earrings into my ears.

I went to visit Pinky again, just like we had agreed. Elysion was still visiting her, she had had a sleepover at Pinky’s home. Me and Pinky agreed that I will come over to her home for a sleepover during next weekend.

We had coffee, I got a butterscotch bun and a small blueberry pie. We had a good time laughing at the programs on TV; Gordon Ramsay yelling at lousy chefs and a woman named Ishtar- Maria doing shamanic drumming.
I don’t really like Gordon Ramsey, because all he does is crush people’s dreams and yell his head off. As for Ishtar- Maria, I know that people are supposed to earn a living but I really don’t believe that spirituality should be for sale. But that’s just me.

Later the day me and Elysion travelled to downtown, I came along to keep her company. We waited for Elysion’s Greyhound bus together and after she left, I went to the movie theater and learned that my prepaid ticket has already been used when I went to see Annabelle – Creation. Oh well, I guess I’ll purchase a new packet of movie tickets soon, there are plenty of movies I want to see such as Son of Bigfoot, Stephen King’s IT, and Kingsman - The Golden Circle.

I went back home, I had a horrid need to pee but the toilet on the train was occupied during the whole journey.

Once back home, I made coffee and planned what to do for the rest of the evening, as not to be bored. I was feeling slight wanderlust again, but it was getting a bit late and my urbane survival instinct was telling me not to go to downtown Helsinki late at night, no matter how beautiful the cities are during the night.

Just to alleviate my boredom, I hoovered the floor, mopped the bathroom floor, and did some random odd jobs until my apartment looked nice and tidy.

I called my mother, she was on a vacation in Alabama with my dad. They were going to return on Saturday night, I agreed to go visit them on next week’s Tuesday so they could have time to rest.

I decided to go to the library to use the computer so I could take care of some business. I agreed with ASPA that I am going to pay last month’s rent by 100 euros each month until the end of the year.

I went to the shopping mall, and noticed that Lindex didn’t have the peculiar purple dress anymore, but Hennes & Mauritz had all kinds of cute clothes that I would enjoy wearing.
Bella’s still had the heart- patterned PLO scarf and the blue flowery dress.

I went back home, and did the evening routines.

My throat is sore and my nose is itchy, I guess I am getting the flu again even if I just had one.

Tomorrow I will receive money. I’m going to pay a commission to a friend, recharge my travel card, and buy groceries and some knitting yarn, I yearn to continue knitting the blanket squares.