September 25th, 2017


Medieval dress and Capricorn necklace

Today I had to be awake early, because I had an appointment at the psychiatric center at noon.
I managed to awake early after having summery dreams, I woke up to a violent coughing fit and I was afraid that I would start spewing blood.
I wonder if the antibiotics I was prescribed are actually working, I still cough tremendously but it’s not so snotty anymore.

I got up, took my morning medicine, took a shower and made myself as pretty as I could. I put on the brown and orange 1970’s dress that looks like a medieval princess dress, it’s very pretty. I also put on a Capricorn necklace.

It was very sunny and warm outside, I started feeling hot.

During the appointment at the psychiatric center, me and my nurse agreed that I am going to take part in this mindfulness group that starts next week. We also talked a bit about my health, especially my physical health. I told her about my current life, and plans for my future.
We made a new appointment at the beginning of November. I will meet her anyway when I take part in the mindfulness group, and besides now that I feel mentally better, I don’t have to visit her all that often.

I went for an urbane adventure; I took a bus to eastern Helsinki, then a subway to downtown, and then a bus back to Hometown. Once back, I went to the shopping mall and visited the supermarket to buy a toothbrush that I will take to my granny’s home when I go visit her next month, and a new lip balm.

Once back home, I continued doing housework; I scrubbed the bathroom, and hoovered and mopped the visible part of my floor. It was hard work, but I was glad after it was done.

I went out, took the biological waste to recycling, and mailed a birthday card to a friend, and then I went to the shopping mall and checked out a few shops, and then I went back home.
I hoovered and mopped the floor under the furniture.

Tomorrow I will receive money. I will pay my monthly gym membership fee, and recharge my travel card, and pay my Spotify Premium subscription. In the evening, I will go to the youth group in Late Winds.
I need to finish doing housework; mop the bathroom floor, and swab the kitchen counter, writing desk, dining table, and nightstand.