October 12th, 2017


The situation right nao

🍀 Even if my skin, especially on my face, is in a very good condition now, I somehow got one bulbous pimple on my chin, two on either side of my nose, and one below my right eyebrow. I didn't wait for them to mature, I just squeezed them to oblivion as soon as I got them.

🐼 When I was a kid, I used to be very fussy about food, won't eat this, won't eat that. But nowadays when I can barely afford food on my own and there are days when I can barely get a bite of solid food, even a slice of buttered bread brings tears of joy into my eyes.

🍁 There is something wrong with my laptop, or at least the power cord; even if it is plugged to my laptop, it refuses to recharge. Only when I keep it tightly in its place with my hand, it starts to recharge, and when I let go, it stops recharging. I have to get a new laptop, anyway. Or I might actually get an iPad, it's far more nifty than a laptop.