October 17th, 2017


Pretty silvery finger ring with a blue stone

I had a dream where I went geocaching and found a pretty silvery finger ring with a blue stone from my home yard.
In another dream me and my dad and brother went out on a winter night to go looking for shooting stars.

I woke up pretty early this morning, and tried to find a nice position to sleep in.

I got up, took my morning medicine and drank coffee. I had a proper wash, put on one of my prettiest outfits, and put on a necklace.

My weekly allowance, fifty- nine euros (59 €) was deposited to my bank account after midday. I ordered omnibus tickets to Kangaskhan and back, I will travel there and back next week.

I called my mother and asked her when are we going to the support group. We agreed to meet in the shopping mall.

I went to the newsagents and deposited twenty euros (20 €) into my travel card.
Me and mom met each other, then we travelled to Helsinki on the rails and took a tram to the support group.

We had a good time.
I walked all the way to the Pole City station and travelled to Walnut Hill.

I arrived in the midst of a music group, nevertheless we had a good time.

After the group was over I walked to Hometown and went to the shopping mall. I bought a gift for a friend and then I went to the supermarket to buy a big carton of milk.

Once back home, I started doing housework. I hoovered the floor, washed two loads of laundry, swabbed the writing desk and dining table, washed a huge pile of dishes, took out the household waste and biological waste, and kept the balcony door and kitchenette window open.

I made myself potato mash for supper, and then I warmed a pizza sprinkled with popcorn.

Tomorrow I will go to the mindfulness group, after that I will go to the food bank. If they give me something I don't like, I will take it to Eleclya's.
As for the rest of the day, I will do housework. I might also go visit a museum.