October 20th, 2017



I woke up early this morning, approximately at 04:40. I emptied my Mooncup and took my morning medicine; usually when I take my meds in the morning and go back to bed, I sleep like a log for hours.

I got up again at eleven o'clock in the morning, freshened up and put on clothes.

I logged in to my online bank account, and yep, I had received money.

I called my mother and asked her if I can come over, she said it's alright.

I went to the shopping mall and withdrew 130 euros from the cash machine.

I travelled to my parents' home. I had coffee with my mother, and ate a tomato, a piece of raspberry chocolate, and a half of a cinnamon roll.

Later the day me and mom went to a shopping mall, mom bought me a new pair of winter boots. I have decided not to wear biker boots or any other "alternative style" shoes anymore, they hurt my feet.

Mom gave me a hundred euros, she also bought some candy. I especially asked her to buy me a wine gum snek, my favourite candy.

I went to the pharmacy and bought two packages of anti- psychotic medicine, and a bottle of shampoo meant for greasy hair and sensitive scalp.

I also went to the dressmaker to pick up my Dirndl dresses.

Once back home, I washed the dresses
and took them downstairs to the drying room. Then I washed another load of laundry, and then I took the sheets off my bed and replaced the towels, and took the mattress, blanket and pillow to the balcony.

I went shopping again. I bought a pair of proper insoles for my new boots.
I met Riga in the candy shop, we hung out for a while.

I bought a Father's day card (in Finland it's celebrated on the second Sunday of November), some groceries, and a gift for a friend.

I went back home and put everything to their rightful places.

I went to bed early because I didn't have anything to do. I will sleep on the sofa- bed.