October 24th, 2017


Hell in a handbasket

Yesterday, before I woke up, I had a dream where all things went into Hell in a handbasket; I was supposed to go visit my granny, and I got late from the omnibus. I was ever so relieved when I woke up and realised that everything is okay.

I took my morning medicine, took a shower, ate a decent breakfast, and did plenty of housework; I hoovered the floor, washed the dishes, took out the recycling... Later the day I went to see my mother, she gave me the weekly allowance.
I bought some sustenance for the journey; a goat cheese bagel from Wayne's, a bag of wine- gum snakes from a candy shop, a bar of peppermint stick chocolate and an apple & cinnamon Froosh smoothie from the supermarket.
I also bought myself a new beanie hat.

I went back home and grabbed my suitcase, took a bus to Helsinki and went to the omnibus station.

The omnibus got stuck in the traffic jam for a while. I ate and drank the sustenance I had bought.

The sun started setting, and the norther we went, the snowier the landscape got.

Once at Kangaskhan, I hauled my suitcase to granny's home. She was happy to see me, we had supper (rice porridge and stewed blueberries) together.
I had a wash, took my evening medicine  and recharged my smartphone.


Another Hell in a handbasket

Last night I had another dream where everything went to Hell in a handbasket; I was supposed to go see my friend Elysion today, and in the dream everything was muddled.

I got up at half past nine o'clock in the morning, took my morning medicine and had a wash, ate breakfast, and then I went for a walk.

I walked through the park, coasted along the lake, and walked next to the fields. I was in a bad mood because my delusions were still bothering me, they never leave me alone.

I went back to granny's home and had coffee and lemon meringue ice cream.

Later the day I took a bus to Mansester, where I met my friend Elysion. We went to McDonald's, and visited a few clothing shops.
I should visit Mansester more often, it seems like an amazing place.

I travelled back to Kangaskhan, once back at granny's home.

I did some stretches and exercises, and helped granny cook supper. After that I went to the gym, but I didn't stay long because the delusions were still bothering me, and so were the bad memories from junior high gym classes.
I still managed to work out pretty well.

I went back to granny's home, and later the evening we went to sauna.

In the evening I took my medicine, had a wash and went to bed.