November 17th, 2017


Greasy hair and sensitive scalp

I had a sleepover at my friend Mirette's home. We went to sauna together, and had a good time. I still can't help wondering why my hair is greasy the day after I had washed it with the shale oil shampoo I bought from the pharmacy, it's supposed to help greasy hair and sensitive scalp.

I went to sleep nekked. Before I fell properly asleep, I had weird short dreams and woke up with a start every once in a while.

I had pretty retro- esque dreams.
I woke up with a headache. The first thing I noticed was that it was raining, and then the sun shone right into my face.

I got up, took my morning medicine and dressed up and put on clothes.

I decided leave, I kissed Mirette and told her to take care. We would meet again soon, over the weekend.

I took a bus, then a subway, and visited a small shop to buy two orange juice boxes.

I travelled home, and started doing housework. I took the sheets off my bed and washed them with the replaced towels. I took the blanket, pillow, and mattress to the balcony. I bagged the trash and scrubbed the toilet bowl.

Later the day my brother came over to see what could be done about my laptop. After a while he said that I better get a new laptop.

I called my mother and asked her if I can come over, she said yes. I left at the same time with my brother, I took out the trash after leaving.

I walked to my parents' home and had coffee with my mother.

Later the day I travelled back home.
I went to the shopping mall and visited the pharmacy to buy a new batch of prescription medicine and buy three different kinds of lotion; one for the chapped corners of my mouth, one for my itchy butthole, and one as face lotion.
I went to the supermarket to buy four cans of milk and some fruit and vegetable juice shots.

I also bought a pink glittery heart- shaped box, a unicorn snowglobe, and a stack of envelopes.

I went back home, and continued washing laundry. I also hoovered the visible part of the floor. I also washed the cover of my mattress in the laundry, but didn't feel like taking it to the drying room. I decided to take it there tomorrow.

I have been happy all day, and just before bedtime I felt so unhappy that it was like a heartbreak.
Here's to hoping tomorrow will be better.