November 23rd, 2017


Oops I did it again

I had a sleepover at my friend Eleclya's home, or actually at her adoptive mother's house; she was dog- sitting Hipsu.
I slept on a mattress with a memory foam pillow and a blanket, I was wearing my underwear and my blouse and my leggings.

I had a dream where I was geocaching near the movie theater; it's funny how I always have dreams of being successful in geocaching. I woke up surprisingly early, about at half past five o'clock in the morning.
I got up, took my morning medicine, emptied my MoonCup, and drank a cup of coffee. I decided to leave right away.

I took the bus %/! to Hometown, and went back home. I took a hot shower and went to my own bed nekked.

I got up in the morning about at ten o'clock and put on fresh clothes.

Suavecita's cousin Lita sent me a Messenger message, and we met each other at the station. She brought some of her dirty laundry; she had just moved and didn't have a washing machine of her own yet, so I let her wash her laundry at my own home.

After she left, I went back to Eleclya's mother's home. She and Mirette were awake, they were listening to all kinds of music from grunge to punk to heavy metal. Later Suavecita came for a visit, she brought some of her old stuff she is going to take to a charity shop later.

Me and Mirette took a bus to my home. I drank a cup of coffee, gave my old winter coat to Mirette, and picked up some of my sleepover stuff and then we travelled to Helsinki. I mailed a name- day card and a formal letter.
We went to a thrift store, there was this discount; all clothes for a euro or two. and bought plenty of clothes. I got this pyjama romper, a light purple oversized pullover with a black cat pattern. a purple- orange waistcoat, and a black- orange- green cardigan with a zipper. They were all bought from the vintage section. Or actually, Mirette bought them for me, I will pay her back tomorrow.
The thing is, I always pay back my friends' loans, sooner or later, but of course I have to buy grocerie and pay bills.

We went to a supermarket to buy treats, and then we travelled to Mirette's home.
We went to sauna, and had a good time. Once back at Mirette's home, Mirette made both of us a serving of banana pancakes. She ate hers with Nutella, I ate mine with lime- flavored ice cream sauce.
We watched the endings of the movies Terminator: Salvation and Underworld: Rise of the Lycans. until the remote control ran out of batteries.

Tomorrow I have to go home and do housework, mail a birthday card to woodland_herm0t, visit my mother to collect the weekly allowance, make an application for income support for December, and then me and Mirette will go see the movie Justice League in 2D.