December 2nd, 2017


Chippier than ever

Last night I went to sleep about at midnight.

I woke up at half past three o'clock in the morning, feeling chipper. Then I fell back asleep and woke up again at half past six o'clock in the morning, still feeling chipper.

I slept all the way to midday, got up from my bed, took my morning medicine, brushed my teeth and washed my face, dabbed lotion on my skin, dressed up, cooked oatmeal porridge for breakfast, and did the foot & hand & neck muscle exercises before eating the breakfast. I started to feel so stiff and achy that I decided to skip the face muscle exercises.

I went for a short walk. It was such a beautiful weather outside, the sun shone through the fluffy clouds and the trees were covered in snow.

Too bad I couldn't possibly enjoy it, the delusions were bothering me as usual. I didn't enjoy my time being at all.

Nevertheless, I made the decision to go for more walks from now on, so I could get used to them.

Later the day me and Mirette went to the supermarket to buy treats, and then we travelled to Stone City.

Eleclya and Suavecita arrived later, Suavecita drove us to Sadie's home.

Odessa had her birthday today. I asked Eleclya to deliver a birthday card to her.

We had a good time, eating treats and taking photos.

I started feeling anxious because it was such a noisy party, the music was loud and everyone shouted over the music.

Later the day we went back home, Mirette had a sleepover at my home.

Tomorrow I will go visit my parents, I also have to do more housework.