December 5th, 2017


Spark flowers

I woke up early this morning, about at half past five o'clock.
I had had a nightmare; I was in grade school, we were on a field trip, and all the boys who used to bully me in real life still kept on bullying me, and I finally snapped and pushed them all off a cliff, one by one. I got great satisfaction when I heard their panicked screams when they fell.
Half of them died, the others got their arms broken off. I thought I had done a good deed, ridding the world of evil people, but I still had to face consequenses.

I woke up with my heart beating fast. I went to the bathroom and drank a glass of water, and went back to bed. I guess I am still not done with the bad memories.
I had nicer dreams; in one of them, I was kayaking on a misty river with the 3rd Doctor, the kayak was made of rowan branches with berries and the Doctor taught me that the kayaks worked with pure love out of your own heart.

I got up at ten o'clock in the morning, took my morning medicine and brushed my teeth. I have this lovely new toothpaste, it's transparent pink made of some kind of an Asian lotus flower.
I dabbed lotion on my skin, dressed up and put on a necklace.
I made myself a cup of coffee, and a bowl of oatmeal porridge for breakfast.

Later the day I received the weekly allowance, this time it was 80 euros instead of the usual 59 euros.

I ordered a ticket to the Dog Fair, a new necklace from Save Our Bees, and a "Spark Flower" badge from

I travelled to Pole City and went to Twinkle cafe, and got a free neck massage. My mother was there as well.
Later the day we left at the same time, we travelled to Pasture Cape where I got off and walked to Girls' House; there was an Independence Day celebration.

I popped to an eco- market on the street and bought some nature-  friendly laundry detergent.

Mirette arrived later, we had a good time. I ate squeaky cheese with cloudberry jam, rye crisps with salmon paste, Karelian pies with egg butter, and chia seed- blueberry- chocolate pudding.
I got two pieces of jewellery for free, a bracelet and a pair of earrings.
There was this young mother who was wearing exactly the same kind of design socks as I was wearing.

Later the day I hugged all the counsellors and kissed Mirette bye- bye. I had to walk downtown because the subway trains were delayed. Oh well, it was nice to get some fresh air and exercise.

I went to Espresso House and ordered a slice of lemon meringue cake with whipped cream. I also bought a Big Issue magazine from a Romanian beggar and gave her a hug and kiss.

I bought a healthy smoothie, and went to another eco- market to buy a bottle of dish- washing liquid.

I travelled to Cross City on a subway, and then took a bus to Hometown; this was because I was getting tired and wanted to travel a longer way so I would have time to rest my feet.

I got off at Flux Island and went to the stationery shop to buy Christmas cards.

Once back home, I washed a load of laundry and took a shower. After going to bed, I still wanted to look at Tumblr and Facebook on my mobile apps.

Tomorrow will be the 100th Independence day of Finland. I will go visit my parents for the day, and in the evening I will go to Helsinki with Mirette and Riga. We will go see the fireworks.