December 8th, 2017


Dog Fair and other nice things <3

Last night I went to sauna at Mirette's home, then I had a sleepover. I slept in Mirette's dad's bed, he was away for the week.

I had a dream where I met two rebellious misfit girls and made friends with them, I took them to a funfair. In another dream it was a snowy winter, the trees and landscapes were covered in snow, the sky was enveloped by white clouds and the sunshine was still blazing. I travelled into a "fandom town" on a subway with some other fangirls, there was a house from Twin Peaks and the Hogwarts castle.
In another dream there was an alien invasion, me and the 10th Doctor had to investigate it. In another dream, I was next to a private gym in my parents' hometown and did some geocaching, I found some twenty and fifty cent coins and a silvery necklace with a deep blue jewel. In another dream I was playing those point- and- click games I used to play when I was a kid.
I also had another nightmare of being bullied in school, I woke up with a start early in the morning. I looked at the trees swinging in the breeze outside.

I got up in the afternoon, took my meds, dabbed lotion on my face, put on clothes, and then me and Mirette left and travelled to Hometown where we met Eleclya, Suavecita, and Odessa. All the snow had melted away, and it was raining and the wind blew hard.

I left my carrier bag with the sleepover stuff to Suavecita's car, and then we travelled to Pole City.
We went to the Dog Fair, we got to pet lots of cute dogs and collected some empty bottles and cans and bought some merchandise. We had a good time, I got a free cup of coffee and lots of free candy.

Later the day me and Suavecita travelled to Hometown, went grocery shopping, and then Suavecita drove us to her home.
I had brie cheese, tomatoes, green grapes, cocoa and dirty chai tea for supper. I was a bit vary of Suavecita's dog Jofa because I know how furious she is. We joked that if Jofa was a gijinka, she would be a hairy, angry feminist.
Her house was a bit cold but then her dad lit the hearth, I started feeling warm.

In the evening we went to sleep on Suavecita's double bed. We talked and laughed a lot before falling asleep.

Tomorrow we will go to Riga's pre- Christmas party, then Suavecita, Eleclya, and Mirette will come over to my home for a sleepover.