December 18th, 2017


Puking my guts out

I woke up early to a tremendous headache. I went to the bathroom to puke my guts out a couple of times, and took a couple of hot showers to make myself feel better.

Mirette left early, she had some stuff to do. I got up in the afternoon to take my morning medicine and get dressed.

Olga, my HoivaOnni worker, came for the weekly appointment. We just talked for some fifteen minutes, and then we went for a short walk and then she accompanied me to the supermarket where I bought a cucumber and three jugs of milk.

Olga went to visit another customer, I went back home and took a long power nap. I had nice dreams and woke up feeling happy and content, and also my headache was gone.

I did a little bit of this and that, took out the trash and fetched my laundry from the downstairs living room.

I spent the rest of the evening drinking cocoa, talking on the phone with my mom, and reading Lobo comics.

Tomorrow I will receive the weekly allowance. I will order myself a ticket to the movie Hamlet, the one with Benedict Cumberbatch and David Tennant in it.
I will go visit my mother, and then I will go to Helsinki for a little discreet shopping; I will go to Espresso House to order my favorite treat, a slice of lemon meringue cake, and I also have to visit a post office to mail the last Xmas cards.