December 20th, 2017


I had a nice day, after all

I had even more nice dreams last night.

I got up at eleven o'clock, it seems to be the usual time when I get up from my bed.

I took me morning medicine and had a proper wash.

I put on a blouse, but it felt too tight around my chest so I changed it into another.

Me and my mother agreed to meet in the shopping mall today so she could give me the monthly allowance.

She gave me 60 euros, and bought me a small tube of Nivea eye cream or whatever it is called, it's supposed to lessen the wrinkles and dark circles around your eyes.

After she left, I went to the newsagents to recharge my travel card for a month.

I went back home, and started feeling anxious. I could have done housework and gone to the gym, but I didn't feel like doing anything.

I did the neck muscle exercises for a while. I have thought of doing them two times a day so they could actually have an effect, along with the usual stretches, and face-, hand- and foot muscle exercises.

I decided to go out, I didn't feel like staying inside all day.

As a cherry on top of the misery sundae, my winter shoes were already worn out.

I went to the shopping mall and visited the stationery shop. I met my friend Laufey there, we talked a bit and then I went to the supermarket.
I noticed that they had some pretty sturdy winter boots for sale, they cost only 30 euros.
I felt happier, knowing that I will be able to afford new winter boots.

I decided to go visit Espoo, I went to one of the shopping malls and visited a few shops.

I travelled back to Helsinki and then back home.

Once back home, I was glad that I had went out, I had had a pretty nice day.

In the evening I started feeling the usual anxiety, but I could say that I'm pretty much used to it.