December 21st, 2017


LOL (lots of lotions)

Last night I had pretty silly dreams. I woke up early this morning and decided to get up because I didn't feel like having dreams anymore.

I took my morning medicine and put lotion on my face. I have to use lots of different creams on my face; basic lotion on my skin, Vaseline on my lips, Q10 cream around my eyes, anti- eczema lotion under my nose, cortisone lotion on the corners of my mouth...

I got dressed and didn't bother with doing the rest of the morning routines.

I can't remember the last time I had a hot, solid meal. The lack of spoons plays such a havoc on my metabolisn, I either eat 35,000 calories a day, or starve myself.

I met my mother today, she gave me the weekly allowance  (40 €). I told her that I am going to buy a pair of new winter boots, and she wanted to come along.

In the end, she paid for them. I felt happy because now I could spend the money on something else.

I bought six pairs of socks, four cans of milk, and four packages of these fruit and vegetable juice shots.

Once back home, I felt a bit unhappy because most of the money was gone, but I would receive more money tomorrow.

Later the day Mirette came over to my place, then Eleclya and Suavecita arrived as well.

We went to visit Horror Shop, Perkele was there. Suavecita gave him some treats, and I hugged him.

There was some sweet stuff in a discount basket, I might go through it and find something to send to Zoya in the next package.

Later the day and a few selfies later, Suavecita drove us back to Hometown. Me and Mirette went to Subway to buy some snack, and then we went to my home.

I started doing housework; I hoovered the visible part of the floor, and washed a load of laundry. Tomorrow I will hoover and mop the floor from under the furniture.

Later the day Mirette went to her own home, I continued doing housework. I took the laundry downstairs to the drying room, and spent the entire rest of the evening doing this and that.

Sometimes I feel like I am not spending my time wisely enough, I just scroll through my Facebook feed when I have spare time. I could read books, knit blankets for the poor, do stretches and exercises, go for walks...

Tomorrow will be a busy day! I will receive my monthly allowance and probably next week's allowance, considering that next Tuesday will be a bank holiday.
I need to buy some personal and domestic hygiene products, two drying racks (for laundry), two packages of socks and a new dress for the Xmas party at my parents' home.
I also have to go to IKEA and buy a "Moshult" mattress for my bed at my parents' home. I still have the old grey, fraying, flat flappy thing as my mattress.
I also need to buy Xmas gifts for my family, along with wrapping paper, gift tags and such.