December 22nd, 2017


Xmas shopping

Last night I had dreams about going Xmas shopping, and everything went to Hell in a handbasket. Quite often when I have something important planned for the next day, I have dreams where the plans fail.

I woke up early this morning, but decided to sleep later.

I felt a bit sick, like I was going to throw up bile.

I got up about at half past midday. I had slept wearing a loose- fitting dress because all my nighties were still on the drying rack, and I was also wearing a cardigan because I was feeling cold.

I took my morning medicine and got dressed. I checked today's mail, and noticed that I had received a cute birthday card from Ceri. It had a picture of a cute googly- eyed guinea pig wearing an Xmas elf cap.
Thank you, my darling cutie!

I went out for Xmas shopping. It was a chilly, sunny day.

I went to the ATM machine to withdraw cash. I had received 200 euros, I withdrew all of them.

I travelled to Helsinki and visited a few shops and bought gifts for my family members. I also visited Espresso House to enjoy a slice of lemon meringue cake with whipped cream and organic orange juice.

Later the day I travelled back to Hometown, and went shopping in the local mall.
Too bad most of the Xmas stuff (ornaments and wrapping papers) were already sold out.

Once back home, I was in a terribly bad mood because the delusions were bothering me, and my vaginal area was still itching. I have decided to go visit a private gynaecologist after the holidays, and ask them to prescribe me some sort of lotion.
I should also ask a doctor to prescribe me tranquilizers, something that makes me feel less anxious and doesn't just make me feel sleepy.

I wrapped up the gifts, and then I left again.

I travelled to IKEA, and bought a new mattress for my bed at my parents' home. It was heavy, but I still hauled it back to Hometown, and then I went to the supermarket for some last- minute grocery shopping.

Once back home, I warmed myself some bean & beet soup. It tasted a bit bland, I might stick to tomato soup.
I took my evening meds and put on a clean nightie. I went to bed without having a proper wash, but got up to dab lotion on my face.
The bean & beet soup made me let out pretty sinister farts.

Tomorrow I will do housework, and go shopping.