December 23rd, 2017


Geocaching, why I no succeed?

I had plenty of dreams last night. I seem to have much dreams about geocaching, the kind of dreams where I actually find something 😄

I got up a little before one o'clock in the afternoon.
I took my meds and got dressed. I decided to ditch my thermal leggings, they were making my legs itchy. From now on, I will stick to cotton leggings.

I was in a terribly, horribly bad mood, I guess it's my PMS. I should be getting my period soon, unless I am virginally pregnant.

I went to an ATM machine to check out my balance, because the online bank service and the bank app still weren't working.
I had received 50 euros, I think it was the Xmas & birthday money from my granny.
I withdrew it, and bought mostly useful stuff like four packages of rye bread, a block of cheese, a few cans of milk, a dishwashing brush, a packet of interdental brushes, a bottle of mouthwash, a roll- on deodorant, a spray bottle of peony & cherry- scented air freshener, a tube of cortisone lotion… I think that was all.

I had planned to take a shower on Xmas Eve, but I was feeling so filthy and dirty that I bathed right away, and felt very fresh after that.
I washed my hair and put the cortisone lotion on my legs before the basic lotion. I also put on deodorant now that the eczema in my armpits is gone.
I put on a cotton blouse and a loose cotton dress on that.

I took a huge honkin' bag full of old useless stuff to a charity shop container, my arms were shaking a lot after that.

Once back home, I did plenty of housework; I hoovered and mopped every inch of the floor, took out the recycling, and scrubbed the bathroom.

In the evening I started feeling happier, I was getting into the Xmas spirit.

I worked on next month's greeting cards.

I had farted pretty much all day. When I went to bed that evening, I felt anxious as usual, but still happy that tomorrow I would go to my parents' home to celebrate Xmas.

I will take along my suitcase with the most important stuff, like a nightie, fresh clothes, hygiene stuff, smartphone recharger, and my family's Xmas presents.