December 25th, 2017


The situation right nao

🍏 I wish I could get a new laptop soon, I would love to download all kinds of pretty fonts from and also donate a fiver or something to the fontsmiths.

🍊 Another reason is that I want to watch Netflix, I am getting tired of watching it on the small screen of my smartphone.

🍎 I had to rub Aqualan into my neck and behind my ears, so the area wouldn't get all grubby.

🍋 I sure love my family, especially now that I don't live with them anymore. Sometimes I wonder how I am all Zen all the time, considering that the rest of my family yells and hollers and bellows all the time like a bunch of rabid- ass baboons.

🍉 I feel pretty icky, I guess it's either Auntie Flo or Auntie Flu.

🍇 They call me Mellow Jello, this fellow never bellows...

🍓 Next year I am going to start preparing for Xmas more earlier, so I can buy all the wrapping papers and such before they are sold out, this year I had to make do with yesteryears. They were pretty enough but a bit crinkled.

🍈 I have decided to host a gift- giving party at my bachelorette pad on January 27th, I am going to distribute late gifts to my three best friends Suavecita, Mirette, and Eleclya, and perhaps serve coffee and some treats.
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🦄😇🍑🍧Soft classic Doctor Who🍧🍑😇🦄

Last night I had a dream where I was in a stationery shop, looking for Valentine's day cards with my friends Mirette and Suavecita. I know that one of these days, shops are going to start selling Valentine's day cards and other stuff.
I loved the ones that had a hand- painted picture of a Canadian moose in a snowy landscape, surrounded by red, glittery roses.
In the same dream, three teenage girls started picking a fight with me, and I ended up beating the crap out of them, and misplacing my backpack.
I wonder why I have those kind of dreams very often where I am fighting with a fellow woman. I hate it, I wish I could have the kind of dreams where I uplift and encourage women.

I woke up early and noticed that my sore throat had got worse. My nose was also running more, and I felt like my head was swollen. I guess I have the flu, just in time for holidays, especially when I had planned to start working out more.
I wanted to get up right away, but I didn't want to disturb my parents. When my mom got up, I got up as well.
I took my meds, drank some coffee, ate oatmeal porridge for breakfast, put four kinds of lotion on my troublesome skin, put on a stripy blouse and a blue, embroidered Dirndl dress, and put the mermaid necklace around my neck. Later I took off the dress and put on a pair of trousers.
I helped mom cook lunch, we had a nice feast.

Later the day my brother went back home. Now I can spend the rest of the holidays with my parents, without having to see his bruised face or hear him complain about his nightmares.

In the afternoon, me and mom went to the shopping mall to buy milk.

We had lunch, and then we had dinner, and meanwhile I nommed on the chocolates, watched Netflix, worked on my blog, stuff like that.

In the evening I took a shower, looked for ”Korean 12 steps beauty routine” on Pinterest, tried to watch classic Doctor Who episodes with Roger Delgado in them, and thought of buying a new, smaller backpack.

Tomorrow I will go back to my own home. I would love to go to the gym, but I still have a cold, and I cannot possibly walk back home with my suitcase.