12th March 2018


A huge pile of dirty dishes

I think I have the flu right now. The area between my nose and throat feels inflamed, and I also produce a ton of snot.

Today I got up at noon, took my morning medicine, washed my hair, dabbed lotion on my face, and got dressed. I put on a clean shirt, and fished a pair of sleek black trousers from my laundry basket. I drank too much coffee.

At some point, I should get myself more of the basic lotion I was prescribed, but one pump- action bottle costs over 20 euros. My financial worker promised to send some sort of form to the local pharmacy so I can purchase my prescribed medicine free of charge, but it seems like it has not arrived yet. I have to inquire her about it.

In the afternoon, my HoivaOnni worker came for the weekly appointment. By then, my friend Mirette went to her own home, we agreed to meet again on Friday when I will go shopping for new clothes.
I managed to wash a huge honkin’ pile of dishes, and iron two week’s worth of laundry, while talking to her about my wellbeing and other stuff.

After the worker left, I was still ironing. After I was done, I headed to the shopping mall for a little window shopping. I noticed that the Starbucks coffee shop had been closed for good, along with a jewelry shop.
I went to two clothing shops, two stationery shops, and the supermarket. I planned what kind of stuff I should buy for my Easter party, and what kind of clothes I should buy for spring. I’m thinking of purchasing myself a pair of flower- embroidered jeans.

Once back home, I hoovered the floor and then I went to the nearest LIDL to return empty bottles and cans that Mirette had left at my home.

I took my evening medicine, and decided to go to sleep when the medicine kicks in.
Soon I started feeling anxious, scared, and freaked out; I quickly reasoned that there’s nothing terribly wrong with my life right now, and it might have been my low blood sugar and the flu bout.
Later the evening I changed into nighties, and went to bed.

Tomorrow I will go to Twinkle café, my mom will be there as well to give me the weekly allowance. I will go to the nearest movie theater to buy a ticket to the movie The Florida Project that I am going to see on Wednesday; I am buying the ticket in advance, because by then I might already have run out of money.
I might go to Rosebud and buy birthday- and name- day cards for this month, and then I have to buy some more groceries.
In the evening I will go to the Late Winds youth group.