18th March 2018


My plans for Monday, March 19th - Sunday, March 25th

Monday, March 19th:
My HoivaOnni worker will visit me at 2:45 pm. I will iron the laundry and wash the dishes all the while talking to her.
After that, I will go visit two new hangout places in Hometown.
I will go visit an art museum.
I will go to the gym and walk on the treadmill for an hour.
It will also be Josefiina’s name- day, I have to send Suavecita (her German shepherd is named Jofa, short for Josefiina) a text message and ask her to give Jofa a lot of cuddles.

Tuesday, March 20th:
I will have an appointment with my own nurse at the psychiatric center at two o’clock in the afternoon.
After that, I will meet my mother, she will give me the weekly and monthly allowance. I will use it to buy every single one of the Easter cards I yet have to buy, and also a decent amount of groceries and hygiene products. I also have to buy a ticket to a movie I am going to see on Wednesday.
As I won’t have enough time to make it to the Twinkle café, I will go to Late Winds youth group.
In the evening I will go to the gym and walk on the treadmill for an hour.

Wednesday, March 21st:
I will go see the movie Lady Bird. I will also visit WeeGee, and then go to the gym to do stretches and exercises.

Thursday, March 22nd:
I will go to Sederholm Museum, then to the Museum of Natural Science, and then to Quarry City youth group. After that, I will go to the gym and walk on the treadmill for an hour.

Friday, March 23rd:
I will receive money. I will order useful stuff from Wish.com, order a stack of return address stickers from Etsy.com, and as for the rest of the money, I will buy the treats for the Easter party; jelly beans, chocolate eggs, cotton candy, lemon Jell-o, carrot cake- flavored ice cream, and another flavor of this new brand of ice cream, and coffee, tea bags, and cocoa. I also have to buy Easter- themed paper handkerchiefs, carton cups and plates.
I will go visit the National Museum, and later the day after Mirette comes over, we will go to the Finnish Red Cross youth group. After that, we will go to my home for a sleepover.

Saturday, March 24th:
I will start doing housework; I have to replace the towels and bed sheets, and along with that, I have to hoover and scrub every single square inch of the floor, including under the furniture.

Sunday, March 25th:
I will host an Easter party at my home.