19th March 2018


Begone, flu bugs

I have been cured of the flu, but my nose still runs a lot. You wouldn’t believe how much snot you can fit into one body!

On Saturday, me and Mirette went to see the movie Supermarsu. It’s a Finnish children’s movie based on a book series about a young girl who gets bitten by her pet guinea pig and turns into a human / guinea pig hybrid with superhero powers. I was bitten by my pet guinea pigs many times, but didn’t get any superpowers, boo yah.

On Sunday, I went to see my parents. I had decided to walk to my parents’ home because I didn’t feel like waiting for the bus, I was feeling kind of fidgety.
Once at my parents’ home, mom was there and dad arrived later. He asked me “How is my beloved daughter?” I cherished it because he rarely shows affection.
I ate goat cheese, a few slices of a bun loaf, and a plateful of home- made salad. I drank coffee and orange juice.
Later the day I took a bus back home because I didn’t feel like walking.

During the weekend, I managed to do at least a few household chores; hoover the floor, swab the worst stains off the kitchen counters, scrub the toilet bowl, take out the recycling, and wash a load of laundry.

Last night I had a dream about the summer cottage, once again.
I got up when I felt like getting up, took my morning medicine, had a wash, and got dressed.
I went to the health center because ever since Saturday, I have had this aching lump in my right armpit. I have had lumps in my armpits before and they have always gone away in their own time, but this time it’s much larger and it hurts, no matter if I am in repose or moving my arm, and the skin is clearly reddened.
I had to wait for an hour and half to see the nurse- on- call, there was also a nurse student. She suspected that it might either be a swollen lymph node, an abscess, or an inflamed hair follicle.
Then I had to wait to go to the doctor- on- call. While waiting, I was sleepy and my stomach roared for food. I called my HoivaOnni worker and asked her to cancel today’s appointment.
Elysion called me and asked if she can come for a sleepover from Friday to Monday, I said it’s alright. Emjuso and Mirette are also coming, and there will be an Easter party at my home on Sunday.
The doctor prescribed me some antibiotics and told me to come again if the lump gets worse. She also renewed my Pimafucort cortisone lotion prescription.
I went back home, by then Mirette had left. I had received a letter, it was the coupon for recharging my travel card.
I went to the municipal service point to recharge it, the receptionist informed me that since my pensioner status expires in July 2018, she couldn’t recharge it any longer. I said it’s alright, and I got the card recharged.
I went to the Skate Hall, it is this hang- out place and coffee shop. There was a grand opening, and I got a free chocolate confection.
Then I went to the pharmacy, and got the antibiotics and the cortisone lotion.
Once back home, I decided not to go to the gym or art museums or anywhere at all this evening, because my left winter boot kept on rubbing my heel so hard it bled.

About at nine o’clock in the evening I took my meds, including the antibiotics. I brushed my teeth, washed my face, and dabbed lotion on my skin.

Tomorrow I will have an appointment with my own nurse at the psychiatric center at two o’clock. After that, I will go to Late Winds hobby group. At some point, I will meet my mother; she will give me the weekly allowance and half of the monthly allowance, that is 80 euros altogether.
I have decided not to spend it on Easter cards, if I buy one for each of the people on my “mailing list”, including postage stamps, it would cost a lot. At least now I know that I should start preparing for card- sending holidays earlier. The next one will be Christmas, so I will have plenty of time.
I will buy food, hygiene products, and a ticket to the movie Lady Bird. I am going to see it on Wednesday.
I especially need to buy lots of paper handkerchiefs, considering how much I have to blow my nose. I also need to buy at least three magic ink pens.