20th March 2018


Memories of landscapes

Last night I had a dream where I was visiting my granny. I walked among the sandy, sun- baked landscapes, they seemed familiar in the dream but not in real life. I wondered why I don’t remember the landscapes from Clock River, where I went for long walks every day.
Then the dream changed and I found myself visiting an online friend and begged her to give me money so I could make it to a bus back home.

In another dream, I went to a bowling alley and a public swimming pool with friends during Midsummer.

I woke up properly when I received a text message from my mother, asking me when I was going to come over. I took it as a sign to get up and get going.
I took my morning meds, including the antibiotics, and got dressed.
I left right away; I travelled to my parents’ home, once there mom answered the door for me. Now it’s her who has the flu.
She made me coffee and gave me 80 euros. We talked about my childhood. Along with coffee, I ate some chocolate- drizzled gingerbread cookies.

Later, at noon, we both left at the same time. Mom went to run some errands, and I traveled to Hometown. Today’s good deed was done when I helped an old lady with the travel card reader in the bus.
I went to the shopping mall and went to the stationery shop. I bought a new pencil case, a new notebook, and three magic ink pens. The pencil case is made of vinyl and looks like a big package of strawberry bubble gum. The notebook was the last copy left, it has classic Japanese art style, and the magic ink pens were green, black, and light blue. My last ones had run out of ink yesterday when I was at the health center.
I went to the supermarket and bought nine packages of Kleenexes. I have been buying them because I like the “dispenser” style, but I might stick to Finnish brands from now. I also bought three packages that each contained nine packages of smaller paper handkerchiefs. And a couple of jugs of milk.

I took my new belongings back home, took my antibiotics, and then I left again. I went to the pharmacy and bought a small package of band- aids meant especially for blisters and abrasions. I have one on the heel of my left foot because my winter boots have rubbed it.

I had an appointment with my own nurse at the psychiatric center today. We had a nice talk, she gave me some forms to fill out, and told me she’s going to call me later about the date and time of the next appointment.

I went back home and busied myself until it was time to leave again. I took a bus to Walnut Hill and went to the Late Winds youth group.
We made some Easter decorations, I also got a free package of rye bread.

I took a bus to Helsinki, and went to the nearest movie theater to buy a ticket to the movie Lady Bird. I am going to go see that tomorrow.

I traveled to Hometown on a train, and paid a few compliments to others.
I went home straight away, recharged my smartphone, had a couple of sandwiches for supper, took my evening meds, allergy pills, and antibiotics.

Tomorrow I have to visit the health center; I have a weird pain in my nose, throat, lungs, and stomach, it feels like it’s connected.
After that I will go to Pearl House, Ateneum, WeeGee, and then I will go to movies.