5th April 2018


Nice day nonetheless

Today was another day when I didn't do much at all, but had a nice day nonetheless.

In the morning I went to the supermarket to buy milk. As for the rest of the day, I watched The Good Place on Netflix, and knitted.

In the afternoon, I went out and went to the mailbox to mail a bill to my financial worker, and two greeting cards to my friends.
I also took my brown, embroidered Dirndl dress to the dressmaker, because the seam between the hem and the bodice had a small tear. They offered to fix it right away with no charge, because I was a regular customer.

I hung around for a while and popped to the local art museum, and then I went to the youth group at the church.
I ate green grapes, salmiakki candies, and Karelian pies with herb- flavored butter.

After the group, I traveled to Helsinki on a train so I could write into my diary. Once in Helsinki, I traveled back home.

Once back home, I continued watching The Good Place and then I went to sleep.