April 13th, 2018


How did I end up in Sweden?

Last night I had a dream where I ended up in Sweden. I traveled on a subway to Stockholm through snowy country landscapes, clutching my teddy bear and feeling morose. Then I tried to scrounge up enough cash to buy a ticket for a cruise ship that would take me back home, and then I had to deal with men harassing me.
I have those dreams very often, the kind of dreams where I am far away from home, and try to find my way back.

I got up in the morning, took my meds, had a proper wash, got dressed, ate a decent breakfast, and logged in to my online bank account app on my smartphone to check out my account balance. I had received money, so I renamed my Finnish LiveJournal blog from “sweetkittytitty” to “ruusupuska” (rose bush) because it’s less sexual that way.

I went to the shopping mall and bought a week’s worth of groceries.
I went back home, put everything to their rightful places, and later the day my friends Suavecita and Eleclya came for a visit.
I warmed myself some “halloumi hot pot” for lunch.

We had a good time, we drank coffee and tea and cranberry juice, ate candy and donuts.

Later the day Suavecita’s cousin Lita came for a visit. They took a shower and recharged their smartphone, we talked a bit about this and that, and then they left.

I warmed some tomato- goat cheese soup for supper. Later the day I went out, mailed two birthday cards, and then I went to the pharmacy and bought three different kinds of prescribed medicine.

Tomorrow I will go to the gym to walk on the treadmill for an hour. I will do housework.

On Sunday I will take my bicycle to my parents’ home, so my dad can tune it up.