April 17th, 2018


My dreams are awesome!

I had even more awesome dreams last night.
In the first one, I lived in a very spacey 1970’s apartment.
In another dream, I traveled in time and space with the first Doctor Who and his granddaughter Susan.
In yet another dream, me and the eleventh Doctor Who moved into the detached house where my granny used to live. The Doctor told me that he wants to renovate the house for us to live in, and then he kissed me and asked me to marry him :3
In another dream, I went to this farm with lots of big wooden houses that were mostly abandoned. The farmer and his wife were nice people, they even adopted me as their niece.
In yet another dream, I was traveling on a bus that fell into a rapid river, but the bus driver saved me, and adopted me as her daughter. She introduced me to all of her friends who became my aunties, and they had lots of cats.

I woke up before midday, and thought about getting up already because I had lots of things to do before going to Twinkle café. I ended up sleeping all the way to one o’clock in the afternoon, and that’s when I got up.
I took my morning medicine, put deodorant in my armpits, and got dressed. I didn’t bother with having a proper wash or eating a decent breakfast, because it would have taken too much time.

I traveled to Twinkle café, I was a bit late but I didn’t mind. My mom was already there, she gave me the weekly allowance.

I drank lots of coffee, usually I don’t like the coffee served at Twinkle café but this time it tasted tolerable, considering that I hadn’t drank my morning coffee because I was out of milk.

Later the day, I traveled to the city center, visited a few clothing and jewelry shops, and then I traveled to my home town.

I went to the supermarket in the shopping mall and bought three big cartons of milk, a box of interdental brushes, two birthday cards, a small tin of Nivea crème, and then I went back home.

My blood sugar was so low that my knees were shaking and I felt angry, so I made a couple of sandwiches and warmed a can of tomato soup.

In the evening I took my meds, and decided to go to bed when I feel sleepy enough.

Tomorrow I will go to an art museum with my friend Mirette, after that I will go to a free concert with her and my best friend’s cousin Lita.

On Thursday I will go to the gym, and after that I will go to the youth group at the local church.

On Friday I will receive money, so I will buy a week’s worth of groceries.
I will go to a hairdresser to have the dry ends of my hair cut off, and then I will go visit my mother who will give me the monthly allowance. After that, I will go shopping with Mirette.

On Saturday I will go to a nail studio to have a manicure, and then I will go shopping again.

On Sunday I will go visit my parents, after that I will go to movies to see the new Pacific Rim.