20th April 2018


Happy 4/20 everyone!

Last night I had a dream where it was twenty- one minutes past four o’clock in the afternoon (4:21 pm), and I noticed that I had missed my hairdresser’s appointment. I had to go see my mother to pick up my monthly allowance, and I didn’t know how to explain that I had missed the hairdresser when she noticed that my hair had not been cut.
Fortunately I woke up and realized it had been a dream all along, and felt a bit bewildered at how realistic the dream had been.

I slept all the way to my smartphone alarm, even if I was awake early. I decided to snooze for five minutes, and only after that I decided to get up.

I got up, took my morning medicine, got dressed, and went to the shopping mall to withdraw the cash. I wanted to go to the supermarket to buy a box of chocolate- covered raisins, but the cashier lines were so long that I decided not to.

I went to the hairdresser, and had the dry ends of my hair strands cut off, and my fringe shortened.

Right after that, I called my mother and told her I am coming over.
I traveled to my parents’ home, once there my mom answered the door.

She made us coffee, I also drank orange juice and ate a tomato and a couple of slices of a bun loaf.

We traveled to the city center, where she withdrew the cash for me. I traveled back to my home town, and went to the supermarket where I bought two black Frixion ink pens, and two blue ones, a big tube of grapefruit- scented facial peeling gel, four microwaveable meals, five cans of soup, three big cartons of milk, a cucumber, a box of kiwifruits, a bag of avocados, two packets of rye bread, a box of oatmeal porridge flakes, four lip balms, a chocolate egg, and a small box of chocolate- coated raisins.

I went back home, put everything to their rightful places, hoovered the floor, opened the windows to let fresh air in, bagged the trash… I also wrote into my diary, ate the chocolate delicacies, watched The Good Place on my smartphone Netflix app, and knitted.

Soon after Mirette came over, we chilled out for a while and then we went to Burger King. We both got mozzarella sticks, French fries, I got hot chocolate and Mirette got Fanta and a strawberry milkshake.

I mailed two birthday cards, then we traveled to Helsinki.

The first place where we went was a thrift store with a vintage department. There was a discount sale, all clothes two euros at maximum, 12 articles of clothing for 20 euros. I bought the approximate amount of clothes, including some nighties.

Then we went to two shopping malls, and then we traveled east and went to another shopping mall. We also went grocery shopping, Mirette bought some ingredients for her supper and I bought a carton of orange juice, and a box of dark grapes.

We traveled home, where I cut the price tags off the clothes I had bought, and put them into my laundry basket.
I took a long hot shower, and I still felt stiff. I felt like I was craving for something to eat or drink, but didn’t know what.

Tomorrow I will do housework, I also have to replace the towels and bed sheets.
In the evening, we will go to Riksu’s home for a BBQ.
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