28th April 2018


Eleclya's birthday party

Last night I had a dream where I played the first Silent Hill video game, and I aced it.
In another dream, me and my parents and my brother were travelling. It was a wintery night and then it was a summer day.

I woke up pretty early, and continued sleeping.

I got up about at eleven o’clock in the morning, took my morning medicine, washed my face, dabbed lotion on my skin, and got dressed.
I made some coffee.

I took out the trash, and fetched the laundry from the drying room downstairs. Then I scrubbed the bathroom, it was easier than I had thought.

Later the day me and Mirette traveled to Eleclya’s home, they had their 30th birthday party today. Suavecita and Odessa arrived later. Suavecita’s cousin Lita was supposed to arrive as well, but their child had become ill so they had to stay at home.
I gave Eleclya a birthday card, four old nighties, and a roll of baking paper.
I ate a peppermint candy cane that had been lying on the carpet for goddess knows how long, and managed to crack a filling on my left- side wisdom tooth. I was going to visit the dentist in June, anyway; there was another small part of a cracked filling on the right side of my upper jaw.
We had a good time, except the party turned out to be a bit too noisy and everyone started getting angry, so I decided to go back home.
I had a good time waiting for the bus, the sunshine was soft on my eyes, the air felt cool on my skin, and birds chirped happily. I felt like my soul was singing.

I traveled to my home town, and I met Elysion and Laufey at the shopping mall. I had visited the supermarket to plan what I was going to buy tomorrow.
We had agreed earlier this week that Elysion was coming over to my home for a sleepover during the weekend.
Once back at my home, I made us both tea, and washed the dishes.
I ate a clove of garlic and an avocado.

In the evening I took my meds, put on my nightie, and went to sleep on the sofa- bed. I was having the evening anxiety again.

Tomorrow I am going to the Ice Cream & Chocolate festival, after that I will go to a concert in an amusement park that has been recently opened for the summer. At some point I will go visit my parents because they will give me money; my mother will give me next week’s allowance and name- day money, and my father will give me name- day money as well.
I have to buy three pairs of leggings, two plastic vacuum bags (where you put your clothes or other textiles, suck the air out with a vacuum cleaner so that it flattens and you can store them in a small place. I need them for packing my clothes to my suitcase), ten first- class postage stamps, greeting cards, and a new folder where to put my papers and greeting cards and such.