April 30th, 2018


Updating from granny's home :3

Last night I had dreams about the amusement park I visited yesterday, going on a cruise, and traveling to Soviet Union. I know that Soviet Union doesn't exist anymore, but dreams are dreams.
It’s so amazing when you think about it, when you dream about amazing adventures and wake up in the safety of your own bed.

I woke up early, and got up early. I took my morning medicine, emptied my MoonCup, took a shower, and put on neat clothes. I also brushed my teeth.
I didn’t bother with having breakfast.

I received a name- day gift in the mail today, a lovely pink glittery plastic seashell necklace! I immediately knew it was from Zoya, they had promised to send it to me.

I spent most of the noon doing housework. I washed the dishes, ironed the clothes, and after Mirette and Elysion went to visit Pinky, I hoovered and mopped the floor. It proved out to be a bit troublesome; if I had concentrated hard enough, I would have done it better.

I took out the trash, and fetched the laundry from the drying room.

Later the day I packed the rest of my luggage, and traveled to Helsinki.
I watched Dr. Sandra Lee’s pimple popping videos while waiting for the bus to arrive.

Once on the bus, I started feeling hungry. I knew I should have eaten breakfast and lunch. I promised myself I would eat more from now on.

During the journey to granny’s hometown, I watched The Good Place on Netflix. Once there, it was still sunny, and there were people already celebrating Mayday.

Once at granny’s home, I gave her the greeting cards; the name- day card and the Mother’s day card. She liked them both.
I had blue cheese soup and Karelian pies for supper, for dessert I had coffee with doughnuts and After Eight chocolates.

I had a headache and I also felt hot and bothered. I knew I would feel better tomorrow, after a good sleep.

Tomorrow will be the first of May, which is a boozing holiday in Finland. I will go for two long walks, first in the natural park and another on the hills, once back to granny’s home, I will watch Netflix and knit, and keep granny company.