4th October 2018


Bad memories :c

Last night I had one of my most re- occurring dream; I was attending school, it was either junior high or high school, and I was bullied by the other students and the teachers didn’t help me.
I am still bothered by the bad memories from my junior high. It’s not like I am not willing to let go of my past, it’s just that my past is not willing to let go of me.

I got up relatively early, after ten o’clock in the morning. I took my morning medicine, had a wash, got dressed, and drank coffee.
I have stopped using underarm deodorant and shaving my armpits until the eczema is gone.

Later that day, I called my mother and asked her if I can come over to collect the allowance, she said I can.
I wanted to take a bus to my parents’ home, but the buses weren’t moving due to the massive worker’s strike. So instead, I walked there.
I was bothered by the delusions, and my nose ran like a tap.

Once at my parents’ home, mom gave me 40 euros. I drank some orange juice and coffee.

I walked back to my home town, once there I went to the shopping mall. I went to an accessory shop and bought a simple Queen Elsa wallet from the kids’ department, I am going to use it as my money purse. Then I went to a stationery shop and bought a birthday card for my granny, she will have her birthday on next week’s Saturday.
Then I went to the pharmacy and picked up some prescribed medicine; a bottle of cortisone solution for my itchy scalp. I also bought a box of interdental brushes, and a tongue cleaner; I am going to take them along to granny’s home so I can use them there, and buy new ones for myself once I return.
I went to the supermarket and bought two canisters of milk.

Once back home, I put my shopping to their rightful places, made some coffee, watched The Good Place on Netflix, knitted, wrote into my diary, and rubbed the cortisone solution on my scalp.

Later that evening I left again. I went to the shopping mall and bought a pair of sturdy pink shoe laces, because the original laces in my shoes are about to snap. I also bought a biodegradable bamboo toothbrush to use at granny’s home, and a roll of plastic trash bags that raises funds to the Pink Ribbon challenge.

I took a train to Quarry City, because I didn’t feel like walking. I could have walked, but then again, I should avoid wasting energy because of the flu I have right now.

The youth group was nice enough. I got to eat salmiakki candies, chocolate, and crisps.

I stayed for an hour, and then I returned to my home town. I went to the supermarket and bought a bag of sweet potato fries.

Once back home, I wanted to brew a cup of coffee and managed to break the coffee maker; I took it out of the cupboard and accidentally dropped it on the floor, and two plastic parts that were already loose got broken off.
Oh well, I can drink iced coffee.

At eight o’clock in the evening, I took my evening medicine and washed a load of laundry. I forgot to choose the quick program, so I had to wait for three hours until the washing program was finished. By then the usual evening anxiety had passed.
I hung my underwear on the drying rack, and took the clothes to the drying room.