1st May 2019


Sleepovers make the rockin' world go round

Me and Mirette had a sleepover at my home last night.

I woke up pretty early, but I slept late.
I got up, took my morning medicine and the first biotin of the day, put Miniderm lotion on my skin, got dressed, and had breakfast.

Later that day me and Mirette left and went downtown to celebrate the first of May.
We walked around for a while, and then went to a free concert.

After that, I went aboard a train and called my mother to ask her if I can come over. She said she was in the same train.
We got off at my home town and caught a bus to my parents' home.

I have started to resent my father after my mom told me that he yells about everything; it's been a while since he did that in my presence.

Anyway, I had salmon and potatoes and feta cheese for dinner, and some coffee as well. Then I caught a bus back to my home town, and went back to my own home. I mailed three name- day cards.

I was feeling a bit bored, so I decided to arrange and re- arrange my dirty dishes on the counter and sort out the cutlery; then I mopped the bathroom floor, and then I went to take out the recycling.

I went to the shopping mall to hang out, and then I went back home. I knitted and watched Netflix for a little bit.

I took my evening medicine and the third biotin of the day, and soon I'm off to sleep.


From Thursday to Friday

During the night between Wednesday and Thursday, Mirette came for a sleepover, she had been in a concert nearby.

I got up at noon, took my morning medicine and the first biotin of the day. I tried to wash my hair with dry shampoo, but it didn’t work so I washed my hair with real shampoo. I also washed my face and put lotion on my skin and deodorant into my armpits and got dressed and put on jewelry.
And then I was done with my morning routines.

Later that day we both left at the same time. I went to see my parents because it was a holiday.
My dad answered the door, my brother was also home, and my mom was visiting downtown.

I had coffee and orange juice and ate whatever I could find from the kitchen. I took the second biotin of the day.

Later that day my mother came home, and she was angry at me because I kept on talking to her. I wish she would have realized that I was only trying to socialize, it was not my intention to make her angry.

In the evening I went back home, took my evening medicine and the last biotin of the day, and went to bed.

Last night I had very intense dreams; in one of them I went to the summer cottage with my family, and this time I was actually convinced that I had made it there. I was mighty disappointed when I woke up.
I don’t understand why I keep on having so many dreams about the summer cottage.
In another dream, I went geocaching. I also had dreams of Lapland and the town where the psychiatric hospital was, the one where I was treated in 2006 - 2007, and in another dream I was looking for four- leaf clovers with my childhood friend whom I haven’t met since we moved away.

I woke up early and continued sleeping; about at eleven o’clock, I started thinking that I may have to get up soon-ish. I got up and logged in to my online bank account and noticed that I had received the usual weekly allowance.
I took my morning medicine and the first biotin of the day, got dressed, and put lotion on my face, and put on some jewelry.

I paid my gym membership fee and Spotify Premium subscription: even if my account statement said it hasn’t been paid, my Spotify still worked.

I went to an ATM machine and withdrew cash, and then I went to the nearest newsagent to recharge my travel card so I can travel in the metropolitan area until June 20th.
I traveled to Eleclya’s hometown and went to Fountain House. I learned that they were going on an outing, so I left.

I went to the café where Eleclya works and ordered an iced mint chocolate espresso. Eleclya looked funny now that she has taken all her facial piercings off; well, not exactly funny, she looked like an ordinary person, but it has been a while since I saw her without her piercing.

I took a bus to downtown simply because I wanted to travel a long way to celebrate the fact that I got my traveling privileges back.

I went to a supermarket, and bought a box of tissues, a box of toilet paper, a can of soy milk, a bag of sugar, and a box of coffee grounds.

I took a train back home.
Once there, I put my shopping to their rightful places, took the second biotin supplement of the day, and made coffee.

I washed a load of laundry.

Later that day, Mirette came for a visit and brought some of her food and other stuff.

I went to the sauna, but I couldn’t enjoy it because I was bothered by my delusions. I might be getting my period soon, my delusions worsening is a certain sign that I am going to have PMS.

Once back home, I put lotion on my skin and got dressed into a nightie.

I feel weird. Strung up, wired up, nervous, and my throat is dry no matter how much water I drink.

I watched the movies The Ring, The Silence, and a bit of the TV show The Mist on Netflix.