16th May 2019


Many days

On Monday, my care worker came for the weekly appointment. I managed to iron all the laundry until the windows were steamed up, but I only managed to wash about half of the dishes and that's when I ran out of energy.
In the evening, I went over to Mirette's home for a sleepover because I was supposed to have a dentist's appointment the next day at the municipal dentist right in her neighborhood.

On Tuesday morning, I got up before my smartphone alarm woke me up. I brushed my interdentals, tongue and teeth, and used mouthwash.
During the dentist's appointment, I had two fillings made. I am not afraid of dentists, but it still hurt a bit. Nonetheless, I have nice teeth now, and I have also stopped gnashing my teeth.
After the appointment, I went back home to take a power nap and then I went to Twinkle cafe. In the evening, I went to see my mother who gave me 20 euros. I bought all this month's greeting cards.

On Wednesday, I received money. I used my discount coupon and bought two packets of ink pen refills from the stationery shop, one purple and one green. I also bought some dental care products from the supermarket.
I went to the Weird hobby group at Pearl House, where we celebrated Christmas (yes). We had gingerbread biscuits and mulled wine and sang songs and talked about our favorite Christmas memories, and then I had a cup of coffee and left.
I had to go back to the Pearl House because I forgot my smartphone there, d'oh!
I took a tram to the town center and mailed a few greeting cards. Then I went to a cafe and ate a slice of Sisilian lemon pie, and it didn't erase my sour mood. I was unhappy because I had wasted all the money, and I still had so many things to buy.
I went back home, called my mother, put the clean dishes into my cupboard and took the laundry off the drying racks, folded them and put them into the cupboard.

Tomorrow I will have an orientation day at the Fountain House, and then I will go shopping for a new zipper hoodie with my mother.

On Friday, I will wash my hair during the morning routines so my hair will be clean when I go to the hairdresser to have my bangs shortened and neatened. After that, I will have an appointment with a masseuse; I will have my shoulders and neck massaged.

On Saturday, I will start doing the weekly housework; take out the recycling, scrub the toilet bowl, and take the bed clothes to the balcony to freshen them. In the afternoon I go to a block party. Mirette will come for a sleepover.

On Sunday, I will do the weekly hygiene routine; shave my chin and armpits, and put on a face mask.
Me and Mirette will go to a Hanami- themed block party in a park with lots of blossoming cherry trees.
After that, I will go to my parents' home to collect the weekly allowance. I also have to remember to call my granny.