August 2nd, 2019



I stayed awake all night, because I found it hard to fall asleep.
I tried to remember if I had taken my evening medicine or taken one pill less. I guess I should purchase a Dosett.
Anyway, I tried to play the Glad Game; now I could read or knit or watch the DVDs from the library. I also decided that as soon as the health center would be opened, I would go there and ask for some pills I could take on the occasional sleepless night.

In the morning, about at four o’clock, I took my morning medicine and biotin supplement. I was a bit careless and almost took an extra anti- psychotic pill by accident, fortunately I noticed my mistake in time.

About before five o’clock in the morning when the dawn was breaking, Mirette came home. She had visited her father’s apartment with Eleclya and Suavecito.
We farted a lot and then went to sleep in our respective beds.

In the morning, I took a shower. I washed my hair with the last drops of shampoo, and also washed my armpits and face. After shower, I put basic lotion on my skin and got dressed.

I spent the morning doing a little bit of this and that, mostly farting.
Later that day I went to the health center right after it was opened; by then the sleep debt started taking its toll, so I decided to go back home.

I slept all day, except when my care worker came for the weekly appointment. I managed to wash about half of the dishes.

I went back to bed and slept for the rest of the day, except when I got up to change into nighties and take my evening medicine.

I slept sweetly all the way to noon. I took my morning medicine, dabbed lotion on the flaky skin on my face, and got dressed.
I left, and held the door open for Perry who had come to see Mirette. They were going for a vacation in Baltic countries.

I went to the supermarket to buy a mint- chocolate truffle bar. Then I went to the train station, but I decided to turn back and go home because I had noticed that my smartphone had only sixteen percent left, and not to mention I was so low on blood sugar that my hands were shaking and my arms were wobbly.

I went back home and had a little snack.
Later that day, Mirette and Perry left. I went out for errands; I took a bus to the post office and picked up a package. It was the face muscle trainer I had ordered from

I took a bus back and went to the library to pick up my requests and use three computers and one iPad to click all the daily donation buttons.

I went back home, made a little cocoa, and then I was off again.
I took a train and then a bus to downtown and went to a museum. I didn’t stay long.

I called my mumsie and asked her if I can come over for a little bit, she said yes. I took a train and then a bus to my parents’ home.
Once there, mom answered the door, and dad was home as well. I ate cherry tomatoes and feta cheese and drank orange juice and coffee.

I took a bus back to my hometown. Once there, I went to the library to scan two of my baby photos so I can use them as a reference to a commission for a friend. I also used another computer to click all the daily donation buttons on the Greater Good website.

I took some discarded trolleys to their respective supermarkets, then I went back home. I took my evening medicine and sprayed Nasonex into both of my nostrils.

I felt a strange craving; I wasn’t exactly hungry, I just wanted to stuff my face with anything savory.

I no longer have the neurotic need to be healthy and fit all the time. Anyway, I feel like these days I get exhausted very easily, like from using the stairs and stuff. I need to start a proper workout regime, but I don’t always have enough time to go to the gym.

Tomorrow I will receive money. I will pay a commission to Luisita and my membership fee to the physiotherapist company; I also need to buy a few greeting cards and postage stamps, a pair of headphones, a new coin purse, another batch of allergy medicine, and go to my favorite thrift stores to buy all the clothes that I like.

On Saturday, I will do the weekly housework; tidy up the bathroom, take out the recycling, replace the towels and wash them.
I will go to a block party in a town where my maternal grandparents used to live, and then a concert in my hometown. Suavecito, Eleclya and Odessa will be there as well.

On Sunday, I will do the weekly beautifying routine; shave my armpits and chin, wash my hair, and do the twelve- step Korean skincare regiment.
I will walk to my parents’ home. My dad will give me the weekly allowance, I will discuss with him how to get a new laptop because my current one is falling apart.
I will also call my granny.

Finally I went to the gym!

Last night I had a dream where I was visiting the summer cottage, which used to be my mother’s childhood home up north. In the same dream, I went to another town with one of my junior high teachers and two young girls. I picked a fight with them and called them rude names and beat them up; I absolutely hate those dreams where I end up fighting with girls; I want to uplift girls, not bring them down!
In both of the dreams, it was a dark winter night. There were fluffy clouds and bright stars in the sky.

I got up in the morning, took my morning medicine and the first biotin of the day. I didn’t bother with having a wash or eating a decent breakfast, I just threw on some clothes.
I also managed to wash my underwear and actually hang it on the drying rack. I still need to stock up on underwear; I need to have fourteen brassieres (right now I have eight of them), twelve pairs of leggings (right now I have only two of them), and fourteen underpants (I don’t actually know how many I have got, about five or six). I need to have fourteen of them so I will have enough for two weeks, because I change my underwear each day.

I received my weekly allowance from the guardian of interest today. I paid my membership fee to the private masseur & physiotherapist company, and then I paid a commission to Luisita.

I left and went to the shopping mall. I visited the stationery shop and bought a new change purse, three greeting cards and proper postage stamps for them. Then I went to the pharmacy and bought a new batch of anti- allergy medicine. I chose the smallest batch, the one with ten pills, because that’s all I could afford. Then I went grocery shopping.
I also popped to my favorite café and ate a cold- smoked salmon bagel and a donut with small licorice candies and a whole Oreo on it! It was yummy.

Once back home, I put everything to their rightful places and started working on the greeting cards. I wrote the addresses, greetings, and signatures, and put stamps, Priority stickers, and return address stickers on them.

Later that day, I put on my gym clothes and left. I went to the library first and used one iPad and three computers to click all the free daily donation buttons on the Greater Good website.

I went to the gym, did some stretches, and walked on the treadmill for ten minutes while watching the second season of the TV show Derry Girls on Netflix. I actually planned to walk for an hour, but I got bored.

Once back home, I chilled around for a while and then I went to the sauna. I washed my hair with the banana shampoo, it made my hair smelling all fruity and nice. Then I went to the sauna for a while.

I went back home, put lotion on my skin, used the face muscle exerciser for a while, got dressed, and then I left again.

I took some discarded trolleys to the supermarket, donated a little change to a good cause, picked up some trash, paid compliments to people, visited a few shops in the shopping mall, stuff like that.

I have noticed that I usually feel calmer and more collected in the evenings nowadays, when all the day’s hustle is done and my blood sugar has leveled out.

I went back home and took my evening medicine. Then I remembered that I had forgotten to use Nasonex, so I went to the bathroom to my medicine cabinet, and it took me two extra visits to the bathroom before I finally learned that I needed to use the nasal spray.
I still have some of my prescribed pills left in the medium- sized Marimekko purse where I used to keep my Dosett; I am planning to buy two bigger ones so I can keep both my medication and nutritional supplements there. And I need two, so I can keep one in my backpack and one in my medicine cabinet.

Tomorrow, depending how early I am awake, I will go to two block parties before going to a free concert at my hometown. My friends Odessa, Eleclya, and Suavecito will be there as well.
As for the rest of the day, I will do the usual housework; tidy up the bathroom, take out the recycling, replace the towels, and also wash more laundry.

On Sunday, I will do the weekly beautifying routines; shave my armpit hair and chin fluff, wash my hair and put on a hair mask, and then use the twelve- step Korean skincare regiment.
I will walk to my parents’ home. My dad will give me the weekly allowance, and I also need to ask my parents about buying me a new laptop because the old one is falling apart.