August 24th, 2019


Me and the dusky metropolis

Last night I had a dream where I went to downtown about at four o’clock in the morning in a light flowery summer dress, tore out right- wing posters, and no one bothered me. There was just me and the silent dusky metropolis, I would love to do that for real if I didn’t have to be afraid for rapists and muggers.

In another dream it was a calm sunny day, I took a bus to goddess- knows- where and ended up in some sort of office; they had Moomin t- shirts, Fazer candy, and strawberry- patterned wellingtons (typical Finnish stuff) for sale. I thought if I was allowed to steal something because no one would notice, and I am poor so I could be allowed a five- finger discount.
Then I lost my right shoe; a red and white striped plastic sandal.

In another dream, I attended some sort of vocational school and I loved those vending machines where you could get stuff like candy or jewelry; I kept on poking around them for coins and free candy and jewelry.

I had to get up two times to go take a pee. It’s very inconvenient, trying to enjoy your sleep when your bladder reminds you of your daily duties.

I got up at noon, took my biotin supplement and morning medicine with cocoa, and surfed around on the Internet. I made the daily donations on Greater Good on my laptop and smartphone.

Later I took a shower, washed my hair, and used the shortened version of the twelve- step Korean skincare regiment; face wash, face toner, face serum, face cream, and eye cream.
I put basic lotion on my skin and got dressed. I put on a red- blue- white flowered dress, but I changed it into another red- blue- white flowered dress.

I left a bit early and went to the ATM machine to withdraw all the cash. I went to the supermarket and bought two iced coffees to settle my nerves, one mint chocolate and one candy popcorn flavored.
I wandered around with blurry eyes and even blurrier mind, popped to the library, and then I went to the hairdresser.
I had a ten- minute Olaplex treatment, and the dry tips of my hair cut off evenly in layers. I also had my fringe cut so that it fits the shape of my face.
I was in a very good mood after that, my hair was fluffy and smelled like perfume.

I went to the shopping mall, visited the supermarket to buy groceries, and then I went to the stationery shop to buy a name- day card for my friend’s cousin’s child. Then I went to the library and used two computers, one tablet and a laptop to make the daily donations to the Greater Good.

I went back home, put the groceries to the fridge, worked on the greeting card, took a selfie, drank cocoa, and booked an appointment for facial massage next month; I would have booked it earlier, but most of the times were already booked. I can fortunately get discount because I have a membership.
I need the massage because my face muscles are stiff and achy.

I called my mother and asked her if I can come over, she said I can but only after she and dad are done with their grocery shopping. We agreed that mom was going to text me when she comes back.

I brushed my teeth and used mouthwash and shaved my chin fluffs.

When it was time to go see my parents, I took a bus because it was raining outside. I chitchatted with an elderly lady on the bus stop.

Once at my parents’ home, I noticed that the doorbell rang properly. I asked my mother about it when she answered the door, and she said that my dad had fixed it. I said I was happy for dad being such a handy man who can fix anything, including broken hearts.

I asked my mother if I could receive her weekly allowance on Sunday because I won’t be able to pick it up next week. As I always write, she gives it to me on Tuesdays, but next Tuesday I will be going to a mammogram, then to Twinkle café, and then to a knitting group.

I ate two cheese sandwiches and cherry tomatoes and drank coffee and orange juice.

Later that day, I took a bus back home. I took some discarded trolleys to the supermarket and found one-euro coin.
I went back home, took my evening medicine and sprayed Nasonex into my nostrils.

I looked through my jewelry collection and put some of my old jewelry to the “charity bag”; a plastic bag where I keep the stuff that’s going to be donated.

I feel a bit bloaty and irritated, I guess I will have my period soon.

Tomorrow me and Mirette will go to a block party. Along with that, I will do the weekly housework; scrub the toilet bowl, take out the recycling, wash laundry, and replace the towels.
I will also mail a name- day card to my friend’s cousin’s child and go to the pharmacy to pick up more prescribed medicine.

On Sunday, I will shave my armpits, pluck my chin hairs, and do the twelve- step Korean skincare regiment.
I will walk to my parents’ home and back. My mom and dad will give me the weekly allowance, and I will call my granny.
I will go to movies to see The Lion King, and then I will go grocery shopping.

Stinky girl

Last night I slept pretty badly, and by badly, I mean none at all. I was completely exhausted but couldn’t sleep at all for some reason.

In the small hours, I took my biotin supplement and morning medicine, and then went back to bed.

I was supposed to go to a block party with Mirette today, but I couldn’t because I felt like I was ready to pass out as soon as I got on my feet.
I slept away the sleep debt and got up every half an hour to see if I could walk.
I got up about at four o’clock in the afternoon, I got up, got dressed, and noticed that I already looked pretty so I didn’t feel like putting on lotion or anything.
I went out for errands and took out the household waste at the same time.

I went to the library, and used a laptop, tablet, and two computers to make the free donations to Greater Good.
I took some discarded trolleys to the supermarket, mailed a name- day card to a friend’s cousin’s child, and then I went back home.

I scrubbed the toilet bowl, swept the floor, washed the dishes, and washed two loads of laundry. I wiped the worst stains off the floor and hung the laundry on the drying rack.

My armpits have started smelling of the same kind of sweat I had when I was a teenager. I ran out of deodorant a while ago and started using another brand.

I changed my clothes because you could see my brassiere and the crack between my boobs. I put on a non- see- through shirt and a brown Dirndl dress that covers my bosom.