September 4th, 2019


Visit to the dentist

Last night I went to bed already feeling restful, and had no trouble falling asleep despite that I had had an anxiety attack.

I woke up when my mother texted me about going to the shopping mall to buy new autumn shoes for me. I told her we will do it next week.

I got up, took my morning medicine and biotin supplement, brushed my teeth, put lotion on my face and noticed that I have an awful lot of whiteheads on my chin.

I got dressed, and later the day I left and took a train east. I went to the dentist, where I had an appointment for having my tooth fixed; a molar on the upper right side of my jaw had a filling that had chipped.
The dentists were very nice to me, even if the fixing hurt a bit it was alright and I managed to joke a little.

After the appointment, me and the dentist discussed my dental hygiene. I told them that being a spoonie, I might not always be able to brush my teeth even if I understand the importance of regular dental care. She also told me that the next appointment for a check- up will be in 2022, which according to my knowledge is the year where the movie Soylent Green is resided.

I called Eleclya on my way home, I asked her if I can come over for a surprise visit and she said it’s okay.

I took a train to her home, once there we had cocoa together and Eleclya took photos of me.

I took a train back home, once there I had cocoa and a few crispbread sandwiches for supper, and then I took my evening medicine and brushed my teeth. I had to take a very impressive dump after my stomach started rumbling, and I was about to throw up as well. I guess it’s the lactose.

Tomorrow I have to take a shower and do the twelve- step Korean skincare regiment. I will also go to the library and then to the youth group at the local church.

On Friday, I will go visit the library, and then I will have an appointment with my own nurse at the psychiatric center. After that, I will go buy the weekly groceries.
I will go to one of my favorite thrift stores downtown, and buy all my favorite clothes.
Me and Mirette will meet downtown and go to a block party in another town.

On Saturday, I will go to the library, and do the weekly housework.
I might also go visit a museum.

On Sunday, I will go visit my parents. I will walk there and back.
I will receive the weekly allowance from my father and call my granny.