September 6th, 2019


What a nice day! :D

Yesterday I washed my hair and did the twelve- step Korean skincare regiment, something I haven't done for a while now because I wanted to see how long I could hold out not washing my hair. I forgot to use the face scrub, and I couldn’t use face mask because I had run out of it.
I went to the youth group at the church and had a good time there. I ate salmiakki drops, popcorn, crisps, plums, and drank coffee and lemon iced tea. I had a nice talk with one youth worker about God and religion.

Last night I had dreams but forgot about them as soon as I woke up.
I got up before my smartphone alarm woke me up. I took my morning medicine and biotin supplement, put serum and cream on my face, got dressed, put on a necklace and earrings, and left.

I went to the ATM machine to withdraw cash, but the one near the grocery shop could dispense only 50- euro bills. I went to another that could dispense only 20- euro bills, withdrew cash, and then I went to the grocery shop to buy food. I went back home, had a little snack and cocoa, and then I left again.

I went to the psychiatric clinic where I had an appointment with my own nurse. We talked about this and that, now that I no longer feel too depressed or anxious I no longer have anything special to talk with her. We decided to keep the meeting short, and to have the next appointment at the end of October.

After the appointment I went back home, did the daily donations on Greater Good, and then I left.

First I went to the library and used two computers, one laptop and one tablet to make the daily donations on Greater Good, then I went to the convenience store and bought a cup of coffee. Which reminds me, I need to buy a reusable coffee cup.
I took a train to downtown and bought a Big Issue magazine.

I took a subway to east, and called the zoo in downtown and asked them if it’s possible for me to get pensioner discount from purchasing the membership card, considering that I am practically a pensioner. I was told that I need to get a printed and stamped paper form from the social security institution. I am going to go there on Monday and get the form, and take it along to the zoo when I go there next Friday.

Me and Mirette met at her favorite restaurant. We took a subway to her former hometown and caught a bus to Rige’s hometown.
There was a block party today, Mirette’s favorite singer was going to be there.

I ate a crepe, a plum, and a cinnamon roll. I shooed a bee away, talked with the others, danced with Mirette, and soon Perry and Eleclya showed up.
I asked a Red Cross worker about first aid classes; I want to attend them, but they cost a lot. I was told that I might get discount since I am a pensioner. I want to learn all first aid classes there are, in my quest of becoming a better person.

We all had a good time. I decided to leave a bit early because I felt a bit chilly.

I bought a small packet of crisps and caught two trains back home. Once in my hometown, I took a discarded trolley back to the supermarket, and then I went to the eco- shop to buy four packages of ecological tissue boxes.

I went to the supermarket and bought three birthday cards and two postage stamps.

I went back home, worked on the birthday cards, took my evening medicine, sprayed Nasonex into both of my nostrils, shaved my chin fluffs and armpit hair, and plugged my smartphone to the charger.

As of writing this, I have a weird feeling in my underbelly. Like there is an air bubble between my labia, and I can't queef it out.

Tomorrow I will do the weekly housework; change the towels, wash laundry, tidy up the bathroom, and take out the recycling. Then I will go to the library and two museums.

On Sunday I will go visit the library, and if it doesn’t rain, I will walk to my parents’ home and back. My dad will give me the weekly allowance, and I will call my granny.