September 7th, 2019


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Last night I had a dream where I went to a town in my home country with the girls from the Netflix show Derry Girls. I lost my clothes and had to walk around in nothing but panties in a rain of sleet, I was also wearing a plastic Queen Elsa crown they sell in toy shops but one of the Derry Girls snatched it and put it on her own head. I tried to run as fast as I could and find a station, omnibus station or train station, so I could find my way back home.

In another dream, it was like an 19th century Spanish drama with the Nuclear family from the Netflix show DC’s Titans. For some reason they were after me, and there were plenty of omelets sizzling.

In another dream, I was celebrating Halloween while rowing a boat on a frosty lake.

In yet another dream, I was in a small part of my hometown which had partly gone under water, but I didn’t mind because in the dream I turned into a mermaid and could breathe under water. I had a good time riding the waves even if the water was brownish- grey.
In the same dream, I ended up in a forest next to the same town. I could take three routes back home; the scary one, the pornographic one, or the one where you had to take part in a sponsored charity walk for LGBTQIA people. I chose all three at the same time.

I got up about at noon and noticed that my shoulders were in knots. I took my morning medicine and biotin supplement, drank coffee because I had run out of cocoa, and got dressed. I put two kinds of prescribed lotion on my face and noticed that I had also plenty of pimples on my freshly shaved chin.
Sheesh! My face is never dewy or glowing, it either has pimples, scabs, flakes, or eczema.

I changed the towels, washed a load of laundry, and bagged the trash. I decided that after I have hung the laundry, I will go visit the library and then go to a couple of museums.

I hung my underwear on the drying rack, and then I took the rest of the laundry downstairs to the drying room, and then I took the household waste and biological waste to recycling.

I visited the library and used two computers, one laptop, and one tablet to make the daily donations on the Greater Good website.

I took a train to downtown, then a subway to one of the art museums. But then I kind of lost my interest because I was already in a bad mood after quarreling with my delusions to the point of screaming my lungs out in the afternoon, it was raining and I didn’t have my raincoat, and I couldn’t find the museum because I had exited the subway station on the wrong side.

Anyway, I took a subway and then a bus to my home.

Once there, it was getting a bit late, but I still went to the shopping mall to buy a bag of cocoa powder and mail a few birthday cards.

Once back home, I scrubbed the toilet bowl.
I made an appointment for neck- and- shoulder- massage on next week’s Monday, because my neck and shoulders still hurt.
I finished knitting another blanket square.

About at eight o’clock in the evening, I took my medicine and sprayed Nasonex into my nostrils.

I watched a Finnish children’s movie on DVD, then I watched Derry Girls on Netflix, and then I started watching Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grindelwald.
I remember going to see the movie in theaters, I had a terrible need to pee and I didn’t remember who was who and what happened.

Tomorrow I will wash my hair, I will go visit the library and return the DVD I watched today, and make sure I know where the culture center is so I can go watch a theater play next week.
I will visit the museums I didn’t visit today, before I go see my parents.
My father will give me the weekly allowance. I will call my granny and give my mother the knitted blanket squares and the rest of the spool.
I will use the allowance tomorrow when I go to the masseuse on Monday.