September 18th, 2019


(no subject)

Last night I stayed awake till half past two o’clock in the morning. I went through DeviantART and blocked all the bizarre fetish artists I could see; I didn’t leave any flames or trolling comments. I just hate seeing my favorite characters wearing diapers or being tickled.

I finally went to sleep and had some pretty nice dreams; the dreams were so nice that I slept all the way to three o’clock in the afternoon. I guess it was also because I stayed awake so late, and I didn’t bother getting up because there was no milk in my fridge so I couldn’t have my morning cocoa.

I got up, took my morning medicine and biotin supplement, put lotion on my face, got dressed, and then I left.
I went to the shopping mall to buy a bar of chocolate, then I went to the library for the usual charitable business.

I took a train to downtown, on my way there I played the FreeRice game on my smartphone app and donated 1,000 grains of rice. I went to a library; there was a knitting & novel reading group. I managed to finish one quilt square and start on another. I had a few cups of coffee.

After the group, I took a train back home. I fetched the laundry from the drying room downstairs and brought it to my home.

I took my evening medicine and sprayed Nasonex into both of my nostrils. I took a shower, washed my hair and face, put peeling cream on my face, washed my armpits, and put lotion on my skin. I put on a fresh nightie.

Tomorrow I will go to the knitting & novel reading group in the local library. After that, I will go to an art museum.
In the evening, I will go to the youth group at the local church.

On Friday, I will receive the weekly allowance. I will go visit my parents as soon as possible so that my mother can give me the monthly allowance.
I will go to the nearest municipal service point to recharge my travel card, and then I will go to a science center with Mirette and Eleclya.
We will go to downtown, so I can buy myself a new coat, and then we will go to a tattoo & piercing parlor so I can have a piercing ring fitted to one of the holes in my right ear.
I will go shopping for groceries.

On Saturday, I will go to an amusement park as soon as it is opened and buy the kind of ticket that allows me to go on all rides.

On Sunday, I will visit a friend. Then I will go visit my parents; my father will give me the usual weekly allowance. I will call my granny.