September 21st, 2019


Forking finally!

Last night I stayed awake all the way to five o'clock in the morning. I guess I was distracted by the second season of The Good Place finally being added to Netflix.

I really should consult a doctor about my insomnia. Even if I fiddle with my smartphone late into the evening, at some point the sleepiness takes over and I actually fall asleep.
I have given up coffee, and I always take my medicine in time.

I took my morning medicine in the small hours, and fell asleep. I woke up to a horrid headache, I felt like there was a band squeezing my head.

Mirette came for a visit to pick up some of her stuff, and Odessa called me to ask if I am coming to the amusement park today. I had to decline because I was feeling absolutely terrible.

It seems like the more a activity I have planned for next day, the more I sleep.

I got up in the evening and went to the grocery shop to buy oat milk so I could make cocoa, but I ran out of cocoa powder and didn't feel like going back to the shops.

I made some coffee instead, and then I ate the rest of the cucumber in my fridge. It resulted in a horrid taste in my mouth.

I was thinking of heading for an urban adventure, but it was getting late.

Here's to hoping that tomorrow will be better.