October 10th, 2019


Geocaching dreams

Last night Elyseé came for a sleepover. She slept on my bed while I slept on the sofa- bed. I kept on farting silently because I was a bit gassy and didn't want to disturb Elyseé.

I had a dream about going geocaching, and in the dream I realized that I was dreaming, and I tried to do it as well as I could because I knew I would eventually wake up.
In the dream, I parked my bicycle next to a forest near my parents' home, and held my smartphone in my hand and opened the geocaching app. It showed some sort of profiles like a dating app, and I desperately tried to make it work.

But that was when Elyseé's smartphone alarm rang, and actually I was happy about it. I got up, took my morning medicine and biotin supplement, cleaned my teeth, did the skincare routine, and put lotion on my skin. Then I got dressed.

Later in the afternoon Mirette came for a visit, she picked up some of her ice tea bottles.

We left at the same time, first we stopped by the newsagent so Elyseé could buy a bus pass. Then we caught a train and then a subway to downtown and went to Girls' House.
There was a pre- party for the Girls' Day. I ate plenty of party food; spicy salad that made my mouth hurt, chunky fruit salad (and gave the pineapples to Mirette. I don't like pineapple because I hate the sensation of how it digests my mouth), and half of every bun and cake slice. I also drank coffee and talked with the others.

Me and Elyseé left at the same time, we stopped by a gothic tattoo & piercing parlor that sold all kinds of amazing jewelry and stuff.

We caught a subway and then a bus back to my hometown, and instead of going to the youth group at the local church we went to the supermarket to buy groceries.

Once back home, I made cocoa, recharged my smartphone, and made the daily donations on Greater Good.

Tomorrow I will receive the weekly allowance from my guardian of interest. I will pay the dressmaker for the mending of my clothes, buy a ticket to a theater play I am going to go see on Saturday, and pay for my Netflix subscription.
I will go to an art museum downtown, then to a Red Cross youth group in the same town.

On Saturday, there is a health and wellbeing fair in my hometown. Lots of my friends will go there too.
In the evening, I will go see the play.
After that, Elyseé and her boyfriend will come for a sleepover.

On Sunday, I will probably try geocaching once again. If I won't find anything, at least I will get plenty of fresh air and exercise.