October 18th, 2019


My day was amazing. Why do I still feel rotten?

Last night I had an absolutely ghastly nightmare. I was in high school, and this creepy boy wanted me to sit next to him in philosophy class. The actual high school looked like my old junior high school building, which has been demolished by now.
The sunny courtyard was half submerged in slushy water, and I tried to drown myself in order to get away from the boy. A German shepherd dog saved me, and then the boy asked me to take part in a role- playing game where you had to sacrifice a baby.
My parents saved me, but they blamed me for getting myself into trouble by rejecting the boy.

In another dream, I was in a holiday resort town with my parents. In the dream, the siren started wailing and the town descended into Otherworld. I guess it was like Silent Hill.

When I woke up, my lower back hurt and my underbelly felt slimy. I put a finger inside myself and it came out bloody, I knew it was my period.
I went to the bathroom and put my keeper inside myself. I also took a depression shower, and took my morning medicine and biotin supplement. Then I went back to bed.

After getting up, I got dressed and put on a necklace. I had received the weekly allowance today, so I ordered a ticket to the health and wellness fair.

My mother texted me and told me to meet her in front of the utility shop at three o'clock in the afternoon so that she could give me the cash.

I went to the shopping mall and bought a caramel latte and a Finnish snack, rye bread sandwich with smoked salmon. I also bought some milk so I could make cocoa.

I went to a clothing shop and bought a sunflower yellow autumn coat, and put my neon green safety vest over it. I think I looked nice, and I will look nicer after I get the blue mathroska scarf.

Once back home, I threw up after drinking too much cocoa.

I went to see my mother, my brother was there too. I tried to amuse him by telling him that there is going to be a guinea pig show this Saturday in the local pet shop.

My mom arrived later, she beamed at us and then started clucking about the safety vest and told me to take it off.

We went to a cafe, I got a slice of blueberry pie and regular coffee.
Mom gave me 120 euros, which was my weekly allowance from my father (20 euros) and the monthly allowance from my mother (100 euros). I wanted to ask my mom why the monthly allowance was larger than usual, now that she is a pensioner she usually gives me 80 euros every month.

I immediately left and went to the info point to recharge my travel card.

I took a train to the new shopping mall.
To put it this way, the new mall is a bit hard to navigate in. Nevertheless, I found my new favorite clothing shop and bought a new shirt.

I took another train downtown and went to another clothing shop, where I bought a long- sleeved purple blouse.

I took a train back home and went to the shopping mall. I bought a berry tart from a baclava shop, or balaclava shop, as I like to call it.

I went to the stationery shop to look for Christmas cards, and then I went to the organic drug store and bought a lip balm.
I went to the supermarket to buy paper tissues, panty liners, Pink Ribbon oat milk, Pink Ribbon toilet paper, and something that I forgot.

Once back home, I put everything to their rightful places, took my evening medicine and sprayed Nasonex into both of my nostrils, and shaved my chin fluffs.
I listened to Carrie the musical on Spotify Premium. I can actually listen to the whole album and feel like I am watching the musical.

Tomorrow I will go to the guinea pig show in the pet shop, and then I will go see my friend Rige. I will give her a birthday card for her daughter.
In the evening, Mirette will come for a sleepover.

On Sunday, I will spend half a day at the health and wellness fair, and another at the light festival at the amusement park.