December 3rd, 2019


(no subject)

Last night I had a dream where I was visiting my granny with my mother, and I was plagued by a demon who kept on punching me.

I got up at noon, took my morning medicine and biotin supplement, did the skincare routine (forgot to use serum) and got dressed.

I went to the psychiatric center and mailed a few greeting cards on the way there.
We had a Christmas party at the hobby group; we talked about our Christmas plans, drank coffee, listened to Christmas songs.

I took a train to downtown and went to Twinkle café. There was Mella, Raija, and another woman whom I didn’t recognize. She told me she makes foot spa treatments, and we agreed that she is going to make one for me. I’m not so good in clipping my own toenails, so she could do it for me.
I ate sandwiches, and drank cocoa and mulled wine.

After the group, I took a tram to downtown and caught a bus to my hometown.

I went to the library to fetch my requests; there was also a charity happening where you could write a Christmas cards to lonely pensioners. I wrote one, tomorrow I am going back to write more.

Once back home, I fetched my laundry from the downstairs drying room. I took my evening medicine and sprayed Nasonex into my nostrils.

I started feeling alarmingly weird; I had a heavy feeling in my stomach, and my eyelids felt droopy. I also felt like I was going to lose my mind and do something like break stuff.
I thought it was low blood sugar, so I made myself a double portion of oatmeal and put some peanut butter in it.

Tomorrow I will go to the knitting group in the parish, and then I will go to the knitting group in a library in the eastern part of the town.

On Thursday, I will go to an independence day party at Late Winds, then I will go to the first anniversary party of a library downtown, and then I will go to the youth group at the church.

On Friday, I will go see my parents. My dad will give me his Christmas gift money, like every Independence day. I will buy the rest of the Christmas cards.

On Saturday, I will go to a friend’s Christmas party.

On Sunday, I will go to the Dog Fair, and then I will go see my parents. My dad will give me the weekly allowance, and I will call my granny.