December 9th, 2019


Updating from my parents' home :3

Last night I had a dream where I was in a some sort of a holiday resort, like a hotel. In the dream, I wanted to wash laundry but I had to book the laundry services from the hotel's Mexican restaurant.

I woke up early, but slept like a log till noon. I got up when I realized I have enough sugar and milk for my coffee.

I changed from jammies into a bathrobe, took my morning medicine and biotin supplements, put deodorant into my armpits, and made coffee.

I was still wearing a bathrobe when my care worker came for the weekly appointment. I finished my coffee, and started washing the dishes.
We talked about stuff, and then we made a new appointment on next week's Wednesday at one o'clock in the afternoon.

We both left at the same time. I stopped by the mailbox to send a huge pile of Christmas cards.

We took the same train and got off at the same station. We hugged each other, she went to her own home and I went to the parish.
There was a workshop where you could make Christmas cards and decorate gingerbread cookies.

I drank coffee, talked with the others, watched The Good Place on my Netflix app, and then I took a train back to my hometown and went to the shopping mall to buy three big boxes of paper tissues because I have run out of them.

I put Bemetson on my scalp and re- applied deodorant into my armpits, and then looked at some Finnish memes.

I started packing my stuff for the sleepover, and just when I was about to call my mother, she called me and told me to meet her at the station.

Once at the station, we took a bus to my parents' home.

Mom made me an omelet, I also drank cocoa and coffee and ate a cheese sandwich and goat cheese.

We sat on the sofa, watching television and knitting.

Tomorrow morning I will take a shower and wash my hair, my mom will teach me how to fix it. After that she will give me the weekly allowance.
I will take a bus back home, leave my sleepover stuff there, and go to Twinkle café.
In the evening I will go see a Finnish movie.

On Wednesday, I will go to an art museum. In the evening, I will go to a library for the knitting & novel reading group.

On Thursday, I will volunteer as a reader at the local library for their knitting & novel reading group.

On Friday, I will receive both the weekly and monthly allowance from my guardian of interest. I will recharge my travel card, buy 11 Christmas cards, buy a ticket to an Event Cinema movie I will go see next week, pay a commission to Candy, and in the afternoon my friend Eleclya will host mine and my best friend Suavecito's birthday party (we were born five days apart, he on 23rd and me on 28th of December).

On Saturday, I will go to the local health center to get a flu shot. After that I will go to the library for their Christmas party. In the afternoon, I will go to Rige's Christmas party.

On Sunday, me and a couple of friends will go to Sadie and Jerry's home to exchange presents. After that I will go see my parents so that my father can give me the weekly allowance, and I will also call my granny.