December 12th, 2019


Peanut Snicker Doodle milkshake

On Wednesday, me and Mirette went to an art museum together. After that, we went to a milkshake bar. I got a Peanut Snicker Doodle milkshake, it tasted like Heaven on Earth. Mirette got a White Chocolate milkshake.
We went over to my home for a sleepover.

This morning Mirette's smartphone alarm woke her up before my alarm. She went to some sort of informal meeting.

I slept till half past noon, got up, took my morning medicine and biotin supplement. I got dressed.

I went to the library where I volunteered as a reader for the knitting group. First Irina read some novels, and then I read at least ten short ones and knitted between them.

After that, I went home and washed two loads of laundry. I put all the underwear on the drying rack and took the laundry downstairs to the drying room.

I did a little bit of this and that, and then Mirette came home. She had bought our mutual friends some gifts and wrapped them up; I gave her some of my wrapping papers.

Later that day we left, and caught a bus downtown and then a subway to where Mirette's father lives. It was a treat coming back home and putting my heavy backpack on the bed.
We went to the sauna together. Like always in the sauna, I started scratching at my skin, like I was a

Once back at her father's home, I put lotion on my skin and put on a nightie.
I took my evening medicine and sprayed Nasonex into my nostrils.
Mirette made us each two margarita pizzas, they were absolutely scrumptious!

Right now, I am updating this on Mirette's old Windows XP and watching Keeping Up Appearances on my smartphone.

Tomorrow I will go back home. I will take some of Mirette's old medicines to the pharmacy for recycling, and then I will go home.
I will wash my hair and do the twelve- step Korean skincare regiment.
I will receive the monthly and weekly allowance tomorrow. The first thing to do is to recharge my travel card from Dec 21st - Jan 15th, buy a few Christmas cards, buy a ticket to the movie Reject False Icons; buy Mirette a subway sandwich as a reward for buying me a milkshake; renew my Netflix subscription and also my membership to the physiotherapist company.
In the afternoon, I will go to Eleclya's home; me and Suavecito will have our mutual 31st birthday party there.

On Saturday, I will go to the health center to have a flu shot. Then I will go to the library for the Christmas party.
In the afternoon, Mirette's mother will come over to my home to pick some of the bills. I will make her a cup of coffee or tea.

On Sunday, me and Mirette, Eleclya, and Suavecito will go to Sadie and Jerry's home where we will exhange Christmas presents.
After that I will go visit my parents so that my father will give me the weekly allowance.