December 15th, 2019


Even more birthmas presents! :D

Last night I had a dream where I hosted an Easter party at my home. In the dream, Eleclya's ex- boyfriend Jazz came over, and got so drunk that he passed out on the floor, just like he has done many times.

I woke up when my smartphone alarm woke me up at noon. I got up, took my morning medicine and biotin supplement, put lotion on my face, and got dressed. Me and Mirette wore matching blouses.

We took a train to another town, and Mirette noticed that she had forgotten her smartphone at my home. I called Suavecito and asked him if he can give us a ride back to my home so Mirette can pick up her phone, he said yes.
Eleclya didn't come because she was at a Children of Bodom concert.

Suavecito drove us to my home, Mirette picked up her phone, and then he drove us to another town.

Suavecito and Mirette went to a flea market to buy stuff, and then they went to a supermarket to buy food.

Suavecito drove us to Sadie and Jerry's home. We got gifts; I got plenty of chocolate, a few pairs of fluffy Christmas socks, and a small bottle of hand lotion.

We had a good time, laughing and talking and drinking coffee and eating chocolate.

Later that day Suavecito drove us to my parents' hometown; Mirette took a bus to my hometown, and I walked to my parents' home. I called my mother and told her I am coming over.

Once at my parents' home, mom answered the door. My father was home as well, he had some sort of stomach flu he caught in Tunisia.
He gave me the weekly allowance.

I ate two slices of oat bread, two slices of rye bread, handful of cherry tomatoes, some mashed potatoes, and drank coffee and orange juice.
I called my granny, and had a nice talk with her. She told me she will deposit the Christmas & birthday money to my account by next Friday.

Later that evening I took a bus back to my hometown. I went to the shopping mall and bought three Christmas cards.

I went back to my home where Mirette had wrapped up my gifts.
I ate some sweet potato fries for supper, took my evening medicine and sprayed Nasonex into my nose. I put four kinds of lotions and creams on my face. 3

Tomorrow me and Mirette will go to the Christmas party at Girls' House; then to Taco Bell; then to movies to see Reject False Icons.

My plans for Monday, December 16th - Sunday, December 22nd

Monday, December 16th:
Me and Mirette will go to Girls' House for the Christmas party, I will give the big sisters a Christmas card.
After that, we will go to Taco Bell. I will order a vegan burrito and cheesy fries.
We will go to movies to see Reject False Icons.

Tuesday, December 17th:
I will go to the Christmas party in Twinkle cafe, and give cards to Raija and Mella. My mother will be there as well, she will give me the weekly allowance. I will buy even more Christmas cards with it.

Wednesday, December 18th:
My care worker will come for the weekly appointment at one o'clock in the afternoon, I will wash the dishes during the visit.
In the evening I will go to the local church to sing Christmas carols.

Thursday, December 19th:
I will go visit a few places to give Christmas cards; the nice librarian lady in the library, my nurse at the psychiatric center, a friend's store, and the parish.

Friday, December 20th:
I will go see my mother so that she can give me the weekly allowance, and I will also receive the weekly allowance from the guardian of interest.
My friend Elysion will come for a sleepover.
I will also receive my granny's birthmas gift money, and the weekly allowance from my financial worker.
I will buy the Christmas presents, and then I will go back home to wrap them up.
In the evening, I will go to the church to listen to a children's choir.

Saturday, December 21st:
I will go visit both Rige and Eleclya to give them their Christmas cards and presents.
I will also do the weekly housework; tidy up the bathroom, take out the recycling, and change the towels.

Sunday, December 22nd:
I will go see Suavecito to give him his birthday and Christmas cards and gifts. Then I will go visit my parents, my father will give me the weekly allowance. I will call my granny.