January 4th, 2020


The last decade and my personal growth

When I think of the last decade, I have noticed that I have changed a lot; I am no longer a sexually frustrated, edgy, rude, nasty, bitter psycho punk bitch, but a loving and gentle person who is considerate and polite towards everyone.

I am made of peach fuzz, angel fleece, and rose gold. I am the song of endless wonder.

I made the new year resolutions that I am going to start wearing more jewellery, and that I am going to start taking part in the community and cultural happenings.

I have joined the Scouts, and I am also going to join an organisation that arranges classes for cooking, cleaning, recycling, knitting, managing your budget, and other adult subjects. I have forgotten most of the things I was taught in school, and besides, I don't want to remember those things considering how much I was bullied then.