January 12th, 2020


The rise of Skywalker means the fall of Palpatine

On Friday, me and Mirette went to movies to see the new Star Wars. I liked it very much.
Once back home, I was strangely happy. I made some spaghetti and took a hot shower, and enjoyed it.

On Saturday, I slept till half past five o'clock in the evening, and went to see my mother.

Last night I had a dream where I was at the summer cottage with my family. I was overjoyed because I realized that I have finally made it to the place I have dreamed of, my own personal Heaven; then I woke up and realized it had been a dream.

I got up, I had slept fully clothed once again. I took my morning medicine, drank the first coffee, and did the skincare routine.

I called my mother and asked her if I can come over, she said I can. I took a bus to my parents' home, my mother answered the door. My brother was also home, and my father went to the gym. He gave me the weekly allowance.

I ate dinner; mashed potatoes, salmon, and salad with feta cheese. I also ate chocolate confections, apricots, and cherry tomatoes, and drank orange juice, coffee, and cocoa.

I did stretches, watched Keeping up Appearances, and talked with my mother.

Later thay day I left and caught a bus back to my hometown. I went to the shopping mall and wondered what I should buy, but I didn't feel like buying anything frivolous so I just bought a juice box to break the money and went back home.

I washed half of the dirty dishes, washed a load of laundry, and took the recycling outside.

Tomorrow my care worker will come for the weekly appointment at quarter past noon, I hope I will already be awake before that.
I will go to the gym, library, and the post office.