January 26th, 2020


A nice day

Yesterday I slept all day because I didn't have a reason to get up.

Today both me and Mirette slept all the way to the afternoon. I got up from my bed, took my morning medicine and biotin supplement, washed my hair, shaved my armpits, put on deodorant, did the skincare routine, put lotion on my skin, and got dressed.

Later that day me and Mirette left and traveled to the hospital where our friend is being treated. We had coffee, she gave us each a red- yellow rose and some stickers.

I traveled to my parents' home, my mother answered the door and my father was home as well. He gave me the weekly allowance, and I gave my mother the rose I had gotten from my friend in the hospital.

I called my granny, we talked a bit. She is very old and painful, but still finds enough energy to go to concerts and movies, and she also goes for a walk every day, and has lots of friends.

I traveled back to my hometown, in the bus the driver told us about how the local towns we were passing were named. Plenty of towns here where I lived were named after the local quarry and mines.

Once back at my hometown, I bought ten liters of oat milk and saved enough money to pay Mirette for the cocoa she bought me on Friday.

I went back home, took my evening medicine, put some cream on my face, and made some cocoa.

My plans for Monday, January 27th - Sunday, February 2nd

Monday, January 27th:
I will have a doctor's appointment at the health center at one o'clock in the afternoon. I will talk about the myriad of health problems I have; itchy feet, constantly runny nose, sweet cravings, pimples, rashes, greasy hair, rancid farts, nosebleeds, insomnia, achy back, and the small wounds around my butthole.
After that, I will go to the supermarket to buy toilet paper, and then I will go to the aquarium downtown. In the evening, I will go to the gym and work out as usual; do full body stretches, and then use the crosstrainer.

Tuesday, January 28th:
I will go to movies to see Cats. After that, I will go visit my mother so she will give me the weekly allowance. I will be spent on Valentine's day cards.

Wednesday, January 29th:
I will go to the swimming pool and swim as many laps as I can, and then go to the sauna.
In the evening, I will go to the writing group.

Thursday, January 30th:
My care worker will come for the weekly appointment at half past noon. I will wash the dishes and iron the laundry.
In the evening, me and Mirette will go to a free concert.

Friday, January 31st:
I will receive the weekly allowance. The first thing to do is to pay two bills, and then I will buy all of the next month's birthday and name- day cards and postage stamps.
My friend Elysion will come for a sleepover with her boyfriend.

Saturday, February 1st:
I will do the weekly housework; tidy up the bathroom, take out the recycling, change the towels.

Sunday, February 2nd:
Elysion and her boyfriend will go home, after that I will go visit my parents. I will call my granny, and my dad will give me the weekly allowance. I will buy Valentine's day cards with it.