January 27th, 2020


I love writing lists, I'm amazing at it! 😀 Here's a list of tattoos I'm going to get in the future

🎠 A black tribal tattoo made to look like the line goes in and out through my skin, and dotted with purple and yellow pansies to my right calf

🎠 A ladybug to my left foot

🎠 A pink-and-orange hued seahorse to my left ankle

🎠 A daisy chain around my right ankle

🎠 A pink and mint green Sailor Jerry lovebird on my right shoulder

🎠 A mermaid lying on her side on my bosom

🎠 A picture of a female demon breastfeeding two demon babies on my lower back

🎠A red and black Chinese dragon on my left buttock

Another regular day

I stayed awake the entire last night because I was too jazzy and fizzy to fall asleep.

In the small hours when Mirette was sleeping, I took my morning medicine, flossed and brushed my teeth, put assorted creams on my face, applied deodorant into my armpits, and got dressed.
I went to the library as soon as it was opened, and picked up my requests. Then I went to the psychiatric center to fetch my medicine prescription and the special permission.
I went to the pharmacy to take the paper forms there and ordered three month's worth of Solian, and then I went to the supermarket and bought a box of toilet paper.

I went back home and slept away some of the sleep debt. I was awake when my smartphone alarm rang, and had no problem getting up.

I went to the health center where I had an appointment at one o'clock in the afternoon. I talked to my doctor about my occassional bouts of insomnia, and I also asked to get an appointment for a mammogram. The doctor prescribed me some melatonin supplement to help me sleep better, and told me to take it every evening at eight o'clock. He also gave me a number where I could call to appoint a mammogram.
The doctor renewed some prescriptions, and then I went to the pharmacy to pick up melatonin, pain killers, and anti- eczema cream.

I went back home and tried to take a nap, but I couldn't sleep anymore. It was already two o'clock in the afternoon, and my internal clock was somewhere between 8 - 11 am.

Mirette left and went to an art group, I did housework; scrubbed the bathroom equipment, wiped the worst stains off the living room floor, bagged the household waste and biological waste. I watched the movie The Illustrated Mum on YouTube. I also dealt my pills and supplements into both of my Dosetts, and accidentally tipped my other Dosett over and all the pills were sprinkled all over the bathroom floor. I put them back again and noticed that I am going to run out of Solian this week. Here's to hoping that the new batch of medicine will arrive to the pharmacy as soon as possible

I decided not to go out today anymore, because I was afraid that I might faint due to my lack of sleep. Of course, at some point I should have gone to the pharmacy to pick up my allergy medicine, and the fresh air would do me good. I also need to take out the trash.

I went out and went to the library to use one computer and one tablet to make the daily donations to Greater Good. I would have liked to use a laptop, but they were all taken.

I went to the pharmacy to pick up my allergy medicine, and then I went back home. Once there, I put the allergy pills into my Dosett.