February 7th, 2020


Recent photos (I know that I should put these under an LJ- cut, but I am on mobile right now)

Funny face

Runeberg pastries are usually nommed on February 5th, which is the birthday of our most famous poet. As you can see, the icing and the sponge were eaten separately xD

My new kitsch earrings. On the left, a hamburger and skull and crossbones, on the right, a skull and a pair of dices in a martini bottle 🍔☠💀🍸

My new cherry necklace 🍒

Me with freshly washed hair, and after doing the twelve- step Korean skincare regiment

Kinda diggin' that disheveled swamp witch look 🧙🏻‍♀️

A cute sticker on a billboard at the train station

Me and the lead singer of the Shrieks, her name is Tipsy Mayhem 💋

From left to right; me, Mirette, and Mara


(no subject)

I didn't have any dreams before waking up when Mirette's smartphone alarm clock rang; she had to go to a meeting, and I decided to stay until I didn't feel like sleeping anymore.
I was feeling strangely comfortable, and there was a beautiful sunshine outside. I had a dream about the movie IT, where Pennywise the Dancing clown was being a nuisance as usual.
I got up, took my morning meds and the first biotin supplement of the day, got dressed, packed my stuff, and left.
I stopped by a convenience store and bought a cup of coffee. I took a subway to downtown, a train to another part of the town, and went to a beautician to buy a teeth whitening pen.
I went to the parish and recharged my smartphone, and noticed that my coin purse has gone missing. I had probably forgotten it at Mirette's home.
I drank coffee and talked with the others. I used the teeth whitening pen on my teeth, but it didn't make my teeth as white as I would have thought.
I ordered a net bag from Wish.com, more return address stickers, and also a ticket to the Kustom Kulture show.
I caught a train back to my hometown and went home. I noticed that my coin purse was lying on a blanket, I was so relieved that I had found it!
I changed my clothes and put my hair up in a ponytail. I was in such an angry mood that I had to take two tranquillizers.
I went to the library.
I used four computers and one tablet to make the daily donations on the Greater Good website. I also borrowed a comic book for Mirette, when I whipped out my library card I accidentally dropped
all of my cards, and when I bent down to pick them up, I found a coin worth five cents.
Then I went to the organic shop and bought fifteen pocket- sized packages of paper tissues, and then to the stationery shop and bought birthday and name- day cards and proper postage stamps for
sending them.
I noticed a coin worth 20 cents on the floor, and I asked a lady sitting next to me if she had dropped it. She said no, and told me I can keep it.
I went back home and started to work on the greeting cards.
I took my evening meds and the last biotin of the day, and sprayed the nasalspray into both of my nostrils. I shaved my chin hairs.
I washed three loads of laundry, all the underwear were hung on the drying rack and the rest was taken downstairs to the drying room. I also fetched last week's laundry from there.
Mirette came home, we had a nice evening.
Tomorrow I will do the usual housework; change the towels, tidy up the bathroom, and take out the recycling; then I will go to the library, there is a special happening.
I will go to Kustom Kulture show with Mirette, and in the evening we will go to a free concert.
On Sunday, I will help Mirette move her belongings to her new apartment. I will call my granny in the afternoon.